AI Community Resources

Complete data privacy and customizability, with community support and fully open source software – Neon AI is a radical change from the dominant AI voice technology paradigm.

Open Source enables developers to:

  • Contribute to projects of their interest, including interacting in communities of like-minded and synergistic developers.
  • Create and share unique applications, including as enabling technology for developing proprietary and patented products.
  • Showcase their work and get paid jobs. 

Neon AI is committed to continuing to be one of the best open source companies.

Developers who work on our code retain the rights to what they produce. Our code is viewable any time, by anyone, in public repositories on Github. It is licensed under the highly permissive BSD-3 license wherever shared code contributions don’t require otherwise.  The entirety of the Neon Core voice assistant development package is free – even for commercial use – under 10,000 users. No fine print. No “freemium”. No data collection.

Community Contact Clary Gasper (