Neon AI for Advanced Social Media

Klat: Voice enabled, the smarter way to connect and chat.

Leverage Public & Private Parallel Chats and the Neon AI Conversational Assistant on Your Website.

What could you build with the world’s first flexible chat platform of its kind? Integrate our conversational assistant into most websites using our simple code. 
Try these integrations for yourself: Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Language Translation, Transcription, and Conversational AI.

Try out a demonstration of Klat Chatbox iFrame

Klatchat screen capture, 3x chats

Explore Our Neon AI Assisted Chat Demonstration Site

  •  Try our real-time, parallel chat demonstration site including “Neon” – our Conversational AI assistant. Visit Klat to chat with others, ask questions, play music, and more using voice or text commands.

Diagram showing how Klatchat functions

Neon AI Advanced Social Media options include:


Description / Component



Follow Users, Domains, or Conversations to always know the latest

Click the “Heart” icon to follow


Like a Shout to appreciate it without having to type a full response

Click the “Thumbs up” icon to like

Create a New Conversation

Can be created on hundreds of websites with endless topics

Click the “C+” icon to create a new conversation

Text/Keyboard Entry

Use typing to communicate

Click the “Keyboard” icon to enter text

Single or Continuous Stream voice input

Record a single shout, or a have a continuous recording stream

Click the “Single Microphone”, or “Multiple Microphone” button

Pause Conversation

Pause the conversation movement to catch up

Click the “Pause” or Un-Pause” button

Multiple Column Chat

You can have as many conversations open as you like

Click the “One” “Two” “three” Colum chat button, add more with square Green/White button

Internal Controls

Next Domain/Previous Domain & Next Conversation/Previous Conversation

Navigate around the network using the left, right, up, or down buttons

Profile and History

Tell others about yourself, see previous chats with your submitted content

Click your Username, or the “Settings Gear” button to change

Speech Input Language

Choose from multiple languages for the best STT transcription

Choose from multiple languages, English, French, German, Russian, and more from your profile

Audio AI Speech Output language (Primary &  Secondary)

Customized AI Speech Rate, Pitch, Gender, and Voice

Choose options to customize speech by clicking the Settings “Gear”

Neon AI Personal Assistant

Answers your questions, provides coupons, personalized interaction

Ask Neon “What time is it?”, “Who are you”, “How much caffeine is in Coca Cola”, “What is the weather in Paris”, Tell me about Rome”, and more

Keyword and Conversation Searches

Search our network for chats related to your interests

Search the network for keywords or interests

Conversation Navigator

Search our network by Domain, Visited, Tending/Popular, Follows, Private and more

You can search by keyword, previously visited Domains, network, Visited, Trending, Popular, Follows, or Privates

Private or Public Chats

You can talk to users in public rooms or privately

You can Private chat a user by creating a new conversation, entering “!PRIVATE:” and then the usernames you would with a comma, no spaces

Video Chat

Use Video and Voice to communicate with others

Click the “Three Users” Button to open the video chat for the current room

Cross Posting

Shows relevant posts from around the network

Click the checkbox for “Cross Posting” under the User settings, found in the Settings “Gear”


Shows users entering /exiting the chatroom

Click the checkbox for Announcements under the User settings, found in the Settings “Gear”

Active Users

Shows active users across the network

Open the “Active Users” tab under the Conversation Navigator

Text Options

Italics, alignment, numbered lists, and indents, emoji capability

Use text settings by clicking the “Keyboard” button, copy and modify text or insert emoji

Share Conversation

Copies your conversation URL to share with others

Click the “Share” button, copy the URL, and share with friends, family, and coworkers

Image / Video Upload

Image Direct upload or URL, Youtube/Vimeo embed code

Upload images direct from your device, or by URL. You  can also embed Youtube/Vimeo links into a shout.