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Installation Instructions:

Images provided for Mycroft Mark 2 hardware include drivers for the SJ201 Audio board and are ready to flash to a USB drive.

You can download the latest recommended Mark 2 image by clicking here. A library of older images is available here

For flashing the Neon image to a USB drive, we recommend that you use Raspberry Pi Imager.

1. Plug your blank USB drive into your computer
2. Open Imager
3. Under `Operating System`, select `Use custom`
4. Locate and select the image you downloaded
5. Under `Storage`, select your USB drive
6. Click `Write` and wait for the image to be written and verified
7. Remove the USB drive and plug it into your Mark 2
8. Plug power into your Mark 2
9. After starting up, you will be guided through connecting to WiFi


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Download Neon AI
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