Education Applications

Neon AI for Education
We are available to help your school or organization maximize your staff resources to improve student outcomes with our extensive conversational user interface knowledge and experience. Neon AI Device, front, back, and on a side table next to a person

For example, Neon AI could be engineered to support students through creating and editing a presentation board. From prompting them for the title and other required elements to repeating their ideas back with correct spelling for them to record on project boards. Of course Neon AI could also be set up to print this information out instead, but educators know that most times more learning is accomplished through a hands-on process. There’s never enough teacher time – let us work with you to make your own Neon AI 21st Century “teacher’s aide”.

Students with literacy challenges can do amazing work when supported one-on-one by an instructor or tutor, yet no school district has the staff to help those students fully realize their potential. Neon AI can work with your educational organization to develop a voice user interface for your students. Imagine them with the ability to find answers without skimming through text in a book, where you know they get bogged down in the reading, their interest flags and is replaced with frustration and embarrassment. Whether its visual, mechanical, or cognitive, Neon AI would like to help you to help your students shine. 

Neon AI’s Voice User Interface can be set up completely independent of the online world. Our team would work with yours to customize our voice user interface, giving it the skills you and your students need. You could choose exactly what information would be available to students, such as the contents of some favorite student-oriented research sites for young learners, or the whole of the internet for adults. 

See an example of research with Neon AI

See an example of Neon AI spelling a word