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Meet Pat, the future of bedside conversational AI assistants:

I'm Pat the demonstration conversational patient assistant from Neon AI. I am an artificial intelligence personal assistant. I'm augmented with Neon Gecko open source code and CPI Corp technology. 

For example, you can say "help", or "I fell". Another thing you can say is "remind me to take my pink pill every day at 4pm". Or "what time is it?" Or "play Chopin". Or "play the guess my phrase game". Or "record I feel better". 
Neon AI makes Patient Assistant applications to enable patients to alert their caregivers to emergencies and other needs, and to get simple information. As your automated patient assistant I listen for calls for help and send alerts to the patient care administrator. 

Meet Robbie, the future of conversational AI healthcare screening.

 I'm Robbie the demonstration conversational healthcare screening assistant from Neon AI. I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with Neongecko open source code and CPI Corp technology. 
I'm a test AI medical screening assistant that conversationally demonstrates the full Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Coronavirus Disease Telephone Response Guide, to help you determine if your symptoms may be related to COVID-19. The CDC's Covid-19 screening script, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Telephone Response Guide, is available at website
By the way, in general: People with a cough, trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, and a fever over 100.4, or bluish lips or face, or new confusion, or fainting, should immediately seek emergency medical care, should limit contact with others and be tested for Covid-19. 
Thank you for helping test the Neon Covid-19 screener.
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