Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI Communicator” on the Google Play Store

First Integration of an AI Conversational Personal Assistant with  Public and Private Chatrooms, Using Voice and Text for Android Devices


Renton, WA September 9, 2019 - Inc. today introduced the “Neon AI Communicator” for Google Android phones and devices. The Neon AI Communicator is the first mobile phone app to combine a “conversational assistant” for personal productivity with “audio chat” for public and private conversations. 

The Communicator's advanced conversation processing enables simultaneous conversations between multiple users in multiple languages, and combines voice conversations and text chats. Neon AI automatically translated and transcribed in a dozen of the most popular languages. 

The Communicator’s conversational assistant provides skills such as reminders, calculations, weather and more. 


The Neon Artificial Intelligence Communicator features:

  • Private and Public Conversations
  • Integrated Conversational AI
  • Message Sharing Between Android and External Websites
  • Voice with Automatic Transcription, Translation and Text to Speech
  • Alarms, Reminders and Notifications including Conversation Segment Reconveyance
  • Answer Questions from Online Resources like Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and more
  • Performs Conversions and Calculations
  • Plays Music and Videos
  • Executes Thousands of Customizable Commands 
  • Multi-platform Support

The Neon AI Communicator is the next step in human-computer interaction, combining conversational AI personal assistant skills with advanced public and private social media. The Communicator is the newest member of Neongecko’s family of Neon AI product platforms which includes: the network of social media websites, Neon Nano HTML, Neon X / Neon U devices, and now the Neon AI Communicator for Android phones. 

The Neon AI Communicator is based on the enabling technology provided by Neongecko’s software development kit (“SDK”) for websites, servers, mobile phones and devices. All Neon AI platforms support “cross-platform sign-in” for easy access to user's conversations and content, at home, in the office and while traveling. Conversations are a seamless experience between browsers, phones and devices, enabling an always-on connection.

The Neon AI Communicator is a first-of-its-kind polylingual chat service for Android devices that is compatible with social media (, as well as the NeonX and NeonU devices, and systems. Developers and technophiles can use the software development kit at home and in the office to create seamless experiences between Android devices, business systems and connected websites, where users can always stay connected.

At the product announcement, Neongecko’s Android Product Manager Daniel McKnight said: “Neongecko is excited to introduce our revolutionary Neon Ai Communicator for Android phones and devices. The Communicator is the first communication console supporting parallel conversations with speech, text, personal digital assistant skills, AI informational queries, public chat rooms, private messaging and per-user translation. The Neon AI Communicator makes it easy to simultaneously stay up-to-date with work, friends, family, and subjects you're following.” 

Josh Rekitt, User Experience Manager for Neongecko Inc., said “Users can keep in touch in multiple simultaneous conversations, for example internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, and connections between family and friends. Users can get information by asking questions like ‘what’s the weather in Rome’, or click the tab to join the cattalk conversation, or users can send me messages by simply using the Communicator and typing ‘@Josh I’m here :-)’ so we can start a private conversation.” 

The Neon AI Communicator is showcased in demonstration videos of conversational AI skills, calculations, conversions, translations, database queries, audible advertising coupons and more.

The Neon AI Communicator is compatible with standard Android phones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel products running Android OS Versions 8 and 9. Website compatibility is provided on Chrome, Mozilla and other full featured browsers.  The Communicator is immediately available for download on the Google Play Store. There is no charge to download or use the Communicator app or features.


About Neongecko

Neongecko Inc. was founded in 2000 and works together with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. to produce advanced voice technology, develop conversational processing tools, applications, websites and systems. CPI Corp. has been granted 9 patents for conversation processing and related applications in the US, Europe and China. Inc. and CPI Corp. are located in Renton, Washington, in the Seattle-metro area. 


Press and Company Contacts

Joshua Rekitt 206-773-6536  @Josh on Neon AI

Richard Leeds 206-854-7100  @Richard on Neon AI

Daniel McKnight @Daniel on Neon AI

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