Neon AI Communicator for Android Phones

Introducing the Neon AI Communicator - Now on Google Play (beta)!

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  • Private and Public Conversations
  • Cross Platform Services Share Messages Between Android and Websites
  • Integrated Conversational AI
  • Executes Thousands of Commands
  • Uses Voice or Text
  • Automatic Transcription and Translation
  • Access Public and Private Database


Conversation segments can be spoken or typed, and can be internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, or simply connections between family and friends.

Skill Examples:

  • Cancel my 5 minute timer 
  • Decrease volume
  • Dim the desk lamp to 10 percent
  • Enable quiet hours
  • Erase audio recording
  • How far away is the moon?
  • How much caffeine is in coke?
  • How much time is left
  • I don't like alpha
  • I like apple
  • Increase volume
  • I prefer U S Spanish
  • I want you to clear all my data
  • Launch Chrome
  • List my home control items
  • My network name is wifinet
  • Neon spell microphone
  • Pause
  • Playback recording
  • Play some AC DC album
  • Play some Rachmaninoff
  • Record 30 minutes of audio
  • Remind me to take out the trash every thursday at 7 pm
  • Send me my coupons
  • Send me the source
  • Set a 5 minute timer
  • Set an alarm for 8 am tuesday
  • Show me my last picture
  • speak to me in Spanish
  • Start recording
  • Start wifi setup
  • Stop
  • Stop recording
  • Take a picture
  • Talk to me faster
  • Talk to me normally
  • Tell me a joke
  • Tell me coupons for Microsoft
  • Tell me my coupons
  • Tell me my likes
  • Translate hello to Japanese
  • Unmute volume
  • Video record for 10 seconds
  • What are my reminders?
  • What did I miss?
  • what is Sonos trading at
  • What is the forecast for tomorrow in boston?
  • What is the microphone level?
  • what is the stock price for Amazon
  • What is the weather?
  • What's the date?
  • What time is it
  • What time is it in Paris?
  • Wikipedia tell me about the internet

Neon AI™ can be the center of your custom conversational AI solutions. 

We can help with your conversational AI systems development. Open source voice platforms are important because they provide for community, transparency and privacy.

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