Neon Nano for Website Development Applications

Neon Nano adds Conversational AI to All Your Webpages quickly and easily!

You can add Neon AI Speech Processing to Any Web Page in Just 1 Line of HTML Code

Watch our 60 second demonstration video to learn more:

Quickly and easily integrate our conversational assistant into websites using our simple code.

Neon Nano works with Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal.

You’re just a few clicks away from adding voice and text input — and our Neon AI assistant — to your webpage!

This is the Neon Nano – Try it!

Empower your website users to use voice commands to gather helpful information, get real-time language translation, do conversions & math and much more! Customizable inside and out!

Neon AI Nano Options

nano=true              Triggers Nano AI iframe

height=                   Iframe size (320px, 640px, 50%, 100%)

width=                    Iframe size (320px, 640px, 50%, 100%)

script=                   Script to run at startup (demonstration script library

mic-default=          Microphone on/off at startup (off/on/0/1/false/true)

speaker-default=   Speakers on/off at startup (off/on/0/1/false/true)

url =                        Domain to displayed as link on Nano AI iframe

fs=                           Font size (12/14/…/large/medium/small/smaller

language-in=          Input language from user to Neon AI

language-out=       Output language to user from Neon AI















The one line of HTML (or PHP) you need to install the Neon Nano iFrame on your website:

<iframe height=”265″ width=”100%” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes” src=” time is it” allow=”microphone”></iframe>