Apply Neon AI

In the Real World


Assembly Instructions

In any language.  Let our voice user interface talk your employees through assembly instructions in their first language. With integrated pictures and designed for seamless user input on improvements and changes. Neon AI is ready to design and build your custom solutions. 

Assembly Instructions Demonstration

Manufacturing facility with worker

Retail Kiosk


Where can I find…

Interactive Voice User Interface Kiosks. Neon AI can audibly greet people entering your store, conversationally offering help, and giving customers directions to finding products. Your visitor’s questions will always be welcomed, and Neon will respond specifically with your data selections. Neon’s user interface can fit comfortably in multiple locations throughout your store, supporting customers in getting the information they need to make purchases. 

Ask Neon to help you find things

AI Augmented Social Media


Voice Enabled. The smarter way to connect and chat. Leverage Public & Private Parallel Chats and the Neon AI Conversational Assistant on Your Website. What could you build with the world’s first flexible chat platform of its kind? 

Try out a Klat Demonstration

Meet Aubrie; she is responsible for all things social media at the Wikimedia Foundation
Neon AI Healthcare and Senior Living


Pat is here to help…

Healthcare and Senior Living Innovations. Neon AI can help with your Senior Living and Healthcare needs. Pat, the Patient Assistant, can be customized to enable patient alerts to caregivers. Pat can also empower users to be more independent by looking up information, engaging in meaningful conversation, and setting reminders. 

Neon AI for Healthcare