Most Promising Conversational AI Solutions Provider 2022

Awarded to Neon AI by CIO Review

“Walk into a department store and the voice of an AI assistant greets you. The AI kiosk, with the help of its built-in, interactive voice user interface, also answers questions ..”

“The Neon AI powered Mycroft AI Mark II has state-of-the-art features for conversational applications and skills, and Neon AI’s downloadable open source software for the Mycroft Mark II is available to enterprise developers.”

Neon AI CIO Review 2022 Award

“As Neon AI’s Lead Engineer and Developer Relations Manager Daniel McKnight says, ‘Though many other platforms claim to be open-source, different license terms and development practices limit their use, especially for enterprise applications. By empowering customers with a fully open-source solution with straight-forward licensing, Neon AI effectively delivers customized services for its clients.‘”