Neon AI CIO Review 2022 Award

Business Applications

We understand the needs of businesses, both large and small. Our services and technology make conversational AI development work easier.

Neon AI is ready to help your company embrace conversational AI for business productivity. More than any other “AI", Neon can put your employees in touch with each other and your customer service agents in touch with users on your website, on Android phones and on conversational websites like

AI for everyone

Neon AI is a corporate “white label solution” that is powerful and flexible. Think Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but with open source software available for your customization, development services and IT support. 

Neon AI specializes in:

Partnering with Neon AI empowers you to make 21st century applications for Home and Work.

At a retail business for example, if one human greeter at the front of the store is helpful, imagine if you could have them all over your store. How much productivity does your staff lose telling customers where to find merchandise? How many purchases do you lose when customers can't easily find an employee to ask? Smaller than a basketball, you could place customized Neon AI conversational user interfaces throughout your store. Customers could dependably get directions to find products, with Neon AI responding to them in a natural, conversational style, using data provided by your business. Your retail business likely already tracks inventory and its location within the store - why not use that information to best advantage?