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Conversational AI Developments from Neon AI
June 2024 – Neon AI – Second Quarter Newsletter
News For Open Source Conversational AI Developers & Active Users

Introducing Neon AI’s BrainForge™, a revolutionary method of creating your own customized LLM and Generative AI, with your private data, that can be kept at your location. Visit

BrainForge empowers organizations to harness the full potential of large language models (LLMs) through our in-house LLM Training Services and on premises and colocation of Gen AI Servers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing AI infrastructure, or build a custom solution from the ground up, BrainForge has you covered.

Neon AI’s comprehensive conversational AI offerings include On-Premises Systems integration, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge conversational AI technology into your existing infrastructure. Neon AI’s BrainForge technology, combined with our expertise in developing custom LLMs and providing custom server integration, provides end-to-end support and ensures your AI initiatives deliver results. 

BrainForge Contact Tim Luetzow: Tim@Neon.AI

In the news from Neon AI:

New Neon AI Conversational Technology Enhancements

Neon’s conversational AI solutions are built with privacy, flexibility, and support in mind, catering to the diverse needs of enterprises and individuals alike.

New On-Premises Privacy: Neon AI voice solutions can be deployed on-premises, supporting the entire Neon BrainForge LLM training and Generative AI Inference systems deployment process, ensuring that sensitive data remains within the organization’s secure infrastructure.

New Enterprise Servers & Home Automation: Whether you need voice AI for enterprise servers or home automation systems, Neon AI has you covered with scalable and adaptable solutions.

Updated Open SourceThe Neon AI code base has expanded in multiple dimensions, including foreign language support. We embrace open-source principles, including providing source code to Neon AI users, licensing for customizations, and transparency into the full Neon AI code base. Neon AI’s presence on GitHub and Element provides full support and community interaction.

Privacy and SecurityWe provide private systems for our customers proprietary custom code, content and training corpuses.

Full SupportNeon AI offers comprehensive support services to ensure smooth implementation, integration, and ongoing operation of our AI voice solutions. New services include custom content development, and training corpus management for creating targeted AI experts and improved reliability.

New Proprietary Product Opportunities for Enterprises

Neon AI’s inventors have been granted 13 patents and have 9 patents pending. Utilizing these novel and commercially relevant advances, Neon AI’s developers have provided demonstration products for our community to use to quickly produce exciting new conversational solutions. Areas of application for proprietary product licensing include logistics, situational controls, caregiving, hospitality, education and project management. See our Patents:

Private Personal Voice Assistant Update

Hub & Node System initial implementation runs on a Pi4 or Pi5 connected to a Neon server. See our Proof-of-Concept demo.

Web Based Demo of our natural language voice interface is now live.

Enhanced Language Support. Neon AI is constantly improving our foreign language support – with over 25 languages and dialects supported by our community. 

Mycroft Mark II Community Member Identifies Issue & Work-Around

Mark II devices which have ceased to function have almost all been due to a failure of the SJ-201 board. Neon AI provided a community member with 4 inoperative Mark II units to analyze. He restored the devices and shared his results on the community forum, describing the failure mechanism and a DIY remedy. The community has also arrived at a consensus that switching Mycroft Mark IIs to a lower voltage power supply may increase their lifespan.

A robot hand assembling a Mexican shadow box from objects in a circle

Neon AI Facilitated Conversations

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Neon AI Projects

The Neon AI approach to practical private AI solutions delivers complete data privacy, customizability, transparency, and straight-forward licensing. Neon AI provides software and services from STT to TTS, language translation, LLM training, and Generative AI deployment – all with full support. 

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The Neon AI open source conversational AI platform provides a secure, private and transparent solution for developing advanced voice applications. With Neon AI on-premises and on-device voice systems, what’s said to Neon AI stays on Neon AI. 

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Neon AI is the authorized community manager for Mycroft AI, and a partner in OVos, the Open Voice Operating System

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Prompt: Can you tell me a quick joke about Claude?

Response from ChatGPT 4o: Sure! Here’s a joke for you:

Why did Claude the AI bring a ladder to work?
Because it wanted to reach new heights in intelligence!