For the Conversational AI Revolution

Neon AI is at the leading edge of the conversational Artificial Intelligence revolution. We have embraced the future by providing important technological advantages in speech processing. The Neon AI conversational personal assistant is available for applications and as a platform for developing custom conversational applications.

Our polylingual Neon AI software offers real time transcription, natural language understanding, on-premises server support, home automation, and much more.  Our technology is available across a broad range of hardware and operating systems.

Neon AI Mark II

The Neon AI products are available from Square, the Google Play Store,, social media websites, and on our Neon AI PC’s. In addition, the Neon Nano which can be installed on any website in one line of HTML code by website designers. 

The Neon AI Software Development Kit (SDK), the heart of Neon AI, is available “open source” on GitHub, to enable customization for corporate, educational, and home voice applications.

Our advanced products include:

  • Neon AI Software Platform – The Neon AI conversational AI platform is available for Linux, Windows PCs, iOS Mac, Debian Raspberry Pi, and more.
  • Neon AI Communicator – The Communicator provides an Android Connection that lets you take our conversational AI technology and your custom applications on the go!
  • Neon AI Conversational Personal Assistant – Advanced conversational personal assistant, includes weather, notifications, chatting with ChatGPT, music and much more. Includes user and developer support, and open source software for transparency, flexibility and continuity.
  • Mycroft Mark II with Neon AI – Advanced conversational AI demonstration system, ready for users on the Mark II – with full Neon AI support.
  • Neon AI Nano HTML – A compact version of our full chat, specialized for website designers, that’s ready for your custom applications. For example, website developers can add a custom chatbot to a company’s website.
  • Docker / Kubernetes, On-site Servers and Enterprise Tools – Neon AI is ready for corporate deployment, for Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Hospitality and more.
  • Chat – A fully featured advanced social media chat service with Neon Conversational AI integration. 
  • Neon AI Devices – Customizable tech for corporate developers, home controls and hobbyists. From privacy oriented in-room concierge services, to conversational retail shelf talkers and greeters, the future is Conversational AI.
  • We also offer full support and consulting to develop your company’s unique conversational solutions for Business, Education, and Programmers.

See what Neon AI can do for: Communication, Voice Business and Home

Neon AI Technology Overview Diagram