CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2021

Download Neon AI

Download Neon AI  Download Neon AI  for Mycroft Mark II

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  Download the Neon AI open source python DIY build from GitHub: 

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The Neon AI conversational system is a downloadable open software source platform, free for non-commercial use (under 10,000 users).

Our Neon AI SDK has built-in capacity for uses such as:

  • Kiosks, hand scanners and other customer information devices
  • Internet search
  • Artificial intelligence for greeting people and answering questions
  • Deep Speech is included for offline use, and Google Speech is used when online.

SDK Installation Instructions and information (Ubuntu, others)

​​​​​​​A library of previous versions of our OS images is available here.

Git involved

Download Links Updated: 11/19/2022