Unique Technology from Neon AI

Neon AI offers a range of innovative technologies that empower enterprises and individuals to harness the full potential of conversational AI. Our solutions include cutting-edge AI voice solutions, advanced conversation facilitators, and powerful voice assistant LLM skills, all designed to enhance privacy, collaboration, and efficiency.

AI Voice Solutions

Neon AI’s AI voice solutions are built with privacy, flexibility, and support in mind, catering to the diverse needs of enterprises and individuals alike.

  1. Custom Private LLMs and Generative Conversational AI: Neon AI’s BrainForge systems enable efficient generation of custom LLMs from client data.
  2. On-Premises Privacy and Security: Our AI voice solutions can be deployed on-premises, ensuring that sensitive data remains within the organization’s secure infrastructure. Colocation servers also available.
  3. Enterprise Servers & Home Automation: Whether you need voice AI for enterprise servers or home automation systems, Neon AI has you covered with scalable and adaptable solutions.
  4. Open Source: We embrace open-source principles, including providing source code to Neon AI users, licensing for customizations, and transparency into the full Neon AI code base.
  5. Privacy: We provide private systems for our customers proprietary custom code, content and training corpuses.
  6. Full Support: Neon AI offers comprehensive support services to ensure smooth implementation, integration, and ongoing operation of our AI voice solutions.

A secure server room with AI voice solutions being deployed, integrating voice assistant automation devices and custom trained expert AI’s.

AI Conversation Facilitators

Neon AI’s advanced conversation facilitators enable seamless collaboration between humans and AI, unlocking new possibilities for chatbot forums, complex situation analysis, and more.

  1. Computer-Human Facilitators: Our AI conversation facilitators are designed to bridge the gap between computers and humans, enabling natural and productive interactions.
  2. Chatbot Forums: Neon AI’s conversation facilitators power chatbot forums, where multiple AI models can collaborate, learn from each other, and engage with human participants.
  3. Collaboratized Chatbots: We enable the “collaboratization” of chatbots, allowing them to work together and leverage their collective knowledge to provide more accurate and comprehensive responses.
  4. Collaboratized Humans: Our conversation facilitators also enable the “collaboratization” of human experts, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration across domains and geographies.
  5. Complex Situation Analysis: Neon AI’s conversation facilitators are capable of analyzing complex situations by combining the insights from multiple AI models and human experts, leading to more informed decision-making.

A visual representation of AI conversation facilitators enabling collaboration between chatbots, humans, and complex situation analysis.

Voice Assistant LLM Skills

Neon AI offers a range of powerful voice assistant LLM skills that cater to the needs of enterprises and individuals, enabling mission-critical operations and multilingual support.

  1. Enterprise Voice Assistants: Our LLM skills are designed to power enterprise-grade voice assistants, capable of handling complex queries and tasks specific to your organization.
  2. Personal Voice Assistants: Neon AI’s LLM skills can also be integrated into personal voice assistants, providing individuals with intelligent and personalized support in their daily lives.
  3. Mission-Critical Operations: We offer LLM skills tailored for mission-critical operations, ensuring reliable and accurate performance in high-stakes environments.
  4. Polylingual Fallback Skills: Our voice assistant LLM skills come with polylingual fallback capabilities, allowing for seamless communication across multiple languages and ensuring that no user is left behind.

A voice assistant device showcasing various LLM skills, showing enterprise, personal, mission-critical, and multilingual capabilities.

By leveraging Neon AI’s solutions, enterprises can break down silos, enable auditable AI decisions, and effectively scale up expertise across their organizations. Our collaborative AI forums and expert guidance empower businesses to harness the full potential of conversational AI, driving innovation, improving decision-making, and unlocking new opportunities in the era of human-AI synergy.

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