AI Services from Neon AI

Fast Start

One to three week engagement based on your specific scope for creating Collaborative Conversational AI Solutions for ordinary business procedures and production. Neon AI fast starts include enabling software, servers and devices.

Development Services

Custom design and development of small to medium size applications that integrate your existing data and tools with Neon AI to solve business problems with cost effective AI solutions.

Prototype Development

Design and development of proprietary new applications which utilize conversational AI to provide brand new products and services across industries. AI solutions can be provided that utilize your organization’s unique business information, industry knowledge and customer data. Proprietary prototype development can include custom enabling software, servers and devices.

Integration Services

Remote servers, cloud services and software systems deployment are key to integrating new AI applications with existing LLM’s, existing chatbot solutions, existing voice data / data solutions, etc.

AI Optimization and Health Checks

Four to six week engagement to evaluate current AI implementation technologies and infrastructure. Includes recommendations and roadmap to achieve strategic AI business and technical objectives, by optimizing organization elements that can improve quality and at reduced cost.

Custom LLM Training &
Gen AI Services

Now taking reservations for Custom LLM Training & Gen AI

Neon AI BrainForge™

Custom Training Services
Utilize Neon AI’s In-house LLM Training Services and Colocation of Gen AI Servers

On-Premise Systems
Server Integration, LLM Training, Custom Chatbots and Support

Conversation Processing Intelligence Services
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