February 2024 – Neon AI First Quarter Newsletter

Introducing Ensemble AI

The Ensemble AI approach creates a synergy from multiple AI models to hone decision-making, enhance predictive accuracy, and tackle complex problems more adeptly. Imagine it as a team of experts, each bringing its unique strengths to the table. Neon AI is a leader in Ensemble AI – check out to see an ensemble of Collaborative Conversational AI chatbots at work.


June 2023 – Docker and Kubernetes Capabilities

Neon AI is pleased to announce additional ways you can use Docker and Kubernetes within our open-source platform. Docker and Kubernetes are essential tools in modern application development and deployment, and they serve distinct but complementary roles in the containerization and orchestration of applications.


May 2023 – Ask ChatGPT Skill

Neon AI is delighted to formally introduce the latest skill seamlessly integrated into our open-source platform. Below, we present a select set of illustrative instances that demonstrate the myriad applications of this new skill. These exemplars represent merely a fraction of the diverse conversational capabilities that ChatGPT possesses, underscoring its exceptional versatility in addressing an extensive spectrum of topics and tasks, rendering it an invaluable tool for multifarious objectives.


April 2023 – Mark II Voice Assistant update

The Neon AI private voice assistant’s latest skills now include:

  • Home Assistant Skills: “Hey Neon, Turn off the kitchen light” – Control Lights, switches, media players. View cameras, sensors, vacuum status and more:  Ecobee, ESPHome, Google Cast, HomeKit, IKEA, Leviton Z-Wave, Lutron Caséta, MQQT, Philips Hue, Plex Media Server, Shelly, SmartThings, Sonos, Z-Wave, Zigbee. 
  • Jokes Skill: “Hey Neon, Tell me a joke“ – A full library of jokes 🙂
  • Improved skill vocabularies and content for many skills: Alerts, Audio Volume, Restart, Shutdown, Stocks, Update and Weather Skills
  • Improved performance and fixes: The April release provides faster responses and clearer speech.
  • Create back-up Neon AI boot drives to USB or SSD media using your Mark II. “Hey Neon, Make Bootable Media” 
  • Serious Storage! Mark II’s have their best performance with an add-on SSD memory. A 240GB SSD USB3 memory drive is only $39. Visit the Neon shop. 



While voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are transforming the ways customers check weather updates, order a pizza, or set reminders, these AI assistants are built on closed platform systems that require enterprise developers to design their voice assistant services inside a walled garden and develop the platform exactly how the device manufacturers want, resulting in their total control of user data. Amid widespread data-privacy concerns, these platforms automatically raise questions about privacy standards.

In addition, the closed ecosystem is compatible with limited devices, and has restricted browser compatibility and crossplatform functionality. Neon AI is transcending these voice assistant services boundaries with a much-needed touch of privacy and reliability.


October 2022 – Conversational AI News

The Neon AI Team Delivers New Conversational AI

“New multilingual computer conversations in 23 languages, new frameworks for mall kiosks and shop floor work instructions, new on-premises enterprise server tools, new personal devices with speech privacy, improved performance – and support for Neon AI, Mycroft AI and OpenVoiceOS platforms – Neon AI’s global innovators have been busy!”


June 2022 Newsletter – Neon AI Update

The Neon AI software development platform now provides real-time Ukrainian and Polish language services, including transcription, translation and speech services, for conversational AI applications. We are delighted to share that credit goes to our Ukrainian team. Neon AI is downloadable software, supporting multiple system and device options (available at 


2022 Annual Update – For companies who want to adopt voice technology

Neon AI is both an open source voice AI development platform, and a full service software development and support company, to develop your conversational computer applications. 

Can your company utilize computer voice interactions? Will your company’s employees and customers benefit from a voice interface to company information? The Neon AI conversational platform is flexible and can be integrated with chatbots and forums, using voice and text. 

Can your in-house software department use a head start with open source code – and the guidance of seasoned conversational software developers with mature development tools? We’ll be pleased to discuss your application and give you access to the Neon AI GitHub repositories.



Speech and voice recognition AI has reached a stage where it is no longer regarded as a symposium gimmick but an all-pervasive resource that can propel society into the future. Some of the more progressive enterprise executives are already incorporating conversational AI into all departments starting with those heavily staffed by humans, such as sales, customer support and HR. And as the industry rides the coat tails of technical innovation toward a grand AI-centric future, it is equally essential to ensure that this power is wielded with data safety and control.

To this end, open-source software— made by many people and distributed under an OSD – compliant license—grants the data owner rights to use, study, change, and share the copyrighted software in modified and unmodified form. As such, open-source software for conversational AI, ML, and NLP delivers much-needed software source code freedom, data privacy, and business application democratization.


January 2020 – Neongecko Introduces New Neon AI Script Engine With “Eliza Conversations” and Audio Browsing Scripts

Renton, WA – 01/6/2020 – Inc. today introduces the new Neon AI™ Script Engine™. This innovative application allows users to enter customizable conversational artificial intelligence scripts.

This technology enables the creation of complex audible scripts with an easy to use interface that can be accessed through the Neon AI app on multiple platforms, including (advanced social media platform which includes hundreds of niche websites), the Neon AI Software Development Kit (GitHub SDK for programmers), the Neon AI Nano (Neon AI HTML for website designers), Neon AI personal devices (NeonX™, NeonU™ and NeonK™ soon) and the Neon AI Communicator for Android (available on the Google Play store).


January 2020 – Introducing the New Neon AI Script Engine New Application Provides “Chatbot Conversations” and “Audio Website Browsing”

Renton, WA  – Inc. introduces the new Neon AI Script Engine. This innovative application allows users to enter customizable conversational artificial intelligence scripts. “Neon chatbots” can be used for store greeters, translations, home AI assistants, medical instruction reminders, as well as entertainment and home automation.

This technology enables the creation of complex audible scripts to provide easy to use speech interfaces, which can be accessed through the Neon AI app on multiple platforms, including:


July-August 2019 – Neon AI Community Newsletter

We have great news for Android users. Neongecko has launched the “Neon AI Communicator” for Android 8.0+ now on the Google Play Store (search for “Neon AI”). 

The Neon AI Communicator is the next evolutionary step in human-computer interfaces, combining speech based advanced social media with personal assistant productivity skills. Neon AI Communicator on the Google Play Store for Android Users

The Neon AI Communicator is the first “parallel communication console” for mobile devices, supporting conversations with: speech and text, translation, personal digital assistant skills, AI informational queries, public chat rooms, private texting, and much more. A “single sign-on” is provided on the web and on Android phones, which allows for a seamless experience wherever you are. The Neon AI Communicator is the way to simultaneously keep in touch with work, friends, families and subjects you’re following.


June 2019 – Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI Nano” – HTML Adds Conversational AI to Websites

Renton, WA — June 24, 2019 – Inc. today unveiled the “Neon AI Nano HTML” to enable website designers to quickly and easily add conversational AI to webpages. Like other webpage components, Neon AI Nano can be added to webpages with standard HTML. Conversational AI results can be input from Neon AI with a simple “paste” command.

Recent market data shows that typing will be used for less than 50% of searches in 2020, and voice will be used for more than 50% of human computer interactions by 2025, so now is the time for website designers to embrace new conversation processing tools.

With Neon AI, users are empowered to use voice commands for gathering helpful information from a company’s website, scheduling events, searching the web, home automation, real-time language translation, transcriptions, conversions, math solutions, voice-controlled lights and devices, and much more.


May 2019 – Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI SDK” – A New Polylingual AI Software Development Kit

Renton, WA — May 24, 2019 – Inc. today unveiled the “Neon AI Software Development Kit for Conversation Processing” (Neon AI SDK), the most advanced system for developing conversational AI applications. Recent market data shows that voice and image will be used for 50% of searches in 2020, and by 2025 more than 50% of all human-computer interactions will be through voice (a.k.a. Conversational AI).

The Neon AI SDK is the first platform that is preconfigured to enable software developers and hardware designers to quickly produce a full range of voice controlled devices, home automation, smart speakers, interactive applications and conversational websites.

Neon AI is an “AI Assistant” with a full set of conversational skills. For example users can say “Play happy birthday”, “What’s 17.95 plus 22.87?”, “What’s the weather in Paris?”, “Translate cherry to Russian”, “Speak to me in Spanish”, “Tell me my coupons” and “Email me my transcripts”. The Neon AI SDK is a fully customizable conversational AI platform that performs full-featured AI skills.


January 2019 – NeonX Polylingual Conversational AI Laptop Computer Debuts At CES 2019

NeonX Polylingual Conversational AI Laptop Computer Debuts At CES 2019

Renton WA — January 8, 2019 – Neongecko Inc. has developed a new polylingual natural language AI laptop computer, “NeonX Touchscreen AudibleAI Enabled Ubuntu Laptop PC”. Debut is at CES 2019, the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas NV January 8 to 11, 2019.

At CES, a demo of our NeonX laptop is at the booth (Sands Hall G 51507). Neongecko is particularly excited to introduce:

  • Conversational interactions with AI for a wide range of personal assistant skills, on a new personal computer platform.
  • Unique polylingual support, where users can speak in their preferred language, and hear computer generated responses in their desired language, dialect and gender. Neon uses enabling technologies that translate more than 100 languages and dialects.
  • A unique platform for coupons and advertising.

NeonX incorporates into our custom 3D printed enclosure: a mini Intel pc, 10” capacitive touch 1280×800 LCD display, stereo speakers, microphone, camera, keyboard, trackpad, USB-C wired connectors, internal bluetooth and wifi. Battery life is 3-4 hours. 

“Neon” is the name of Neongecko’s Audible AI conversational assistant, as in: “Hey Neon, what’s the weather in Seattle?” Or “Neon, play some jazz music”. Or “Neon, speak to me in Spanish” (or in many other languages and dialects). Neon is an enhanced version of and supports a broad range of Audible AI skills. 

Links to videos showcasing Neon’s conversational AI skills, audible advertising coupons and polylingual capabilities are available at the company website

In addition, Neongecko offers “NeonU Universal Audio Audible AI enable PC” as a mini Intel pc, which connects to standard HDMI displays, speakers, microphones, cameras, keyboards, trackpads, using wired connectors, bluetooth and wifi. Neongecko also provides natural language AI on conversational Internet websites including

Neon integrates voice, text, video, STT, TTS, Conversation Processing Intelligence, AI skills processing, and the latest enabling technologies: real-time Internet communications for audio and video, real-time speech processing, real-time translation, and real-time interactive conversational inquiries of content on the web and in proprietary databases. Neon software source code is available on Git (limited license).

Both NeonX and NeonU are full Linux Ubuntu PCs that come “ready to use” with both a full (opensource) office suite and installed “conversational AI”. NeonX will be priced at $799. NeonU will be priced at $359. Sample orders are immediately available by special order. 

About Neongecko – Neongecko Inc. develops applications in conjunction with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. (CPI). NGI and CPIC together are an IP developer and an advanced research lab developing “Conversation Processing Intelligence™” – tools that merge new computer technology, digital communications, social media and conversation processing, to improve communication. Neon, NeonX and are based on patented technology, with 8 patents for conversation processing granted, and related applications, in the US, Europe and China. Neongecko Inc. and Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. are located in Renton Washington.

For further information, please contact

  • Joshua Rekitt, cell 206-773-6536
  • or Richard Leeds, cell 206-854-7100

February 2019 – Neongecko Inc. Launches First-of-its-Kind Polylingual Conversational AI Website

Neongecko Inc. Launches First-of-its-Kind Polylingual Conversational AI Website

New Conversation Processing Intelligence (CPI) Tools Integrate:  Online Conversations, Realtime Speech-to-Text, Realtime Text-to-Speech, Automated Translation, Automated Conversation Sharing, Database Lookup and AI Skills. KLAT.COM 

Renton WA — February 4, 2019 – Inc. today unveiled “” – the first conversational website to support multiple polylingual conversations, topics and threads.

Guy Daniels, Chief Software Developer at Neongecko, highlighted the advantage of working with Conversation Processing Intelligence technology: “ showcases unique conversational applications based on our state-of-the-art AI and speech processing environment. Our enabling technologies work in standard environments, for speech-to-text, text-to-speech, translation and real-time control. We utilize technology that wasn’t available before 2018 to make a new generation of conversational AI and universal translation possible.” is based on “Neon,” Neongecko’s suite of online Conversation Processing Intelligence™ tools. These tools enable users to interact in real-time with other users by using Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Understanding Skills to link with other relevant topics of discussion.  Conversations are supported across multiple media, including audio, video, speech-to-text and text-to-speech. 

Neon drives Neongecko’s AI Assistant, which captures conversations and performs next generation AI skills including polylingual conversations (for example, “Neon, speak to me in French”) and transcript recordings (for example, “Neon, email me my transcripts”), and other AI commands (for example, “Neon, play happy birthday,” “Neon, what’s the population of the United States?” or “What’s the weather in Paris?”) uses real-time speech-to-text processing to enable participation in multiple conversations in a single browser session and automatically shares relevant conversation segments between conversations that have converged. Conversation segments can be spoken or typed. These conversation segments might be a result of internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, or simply connections between family and friends.

Real-time conversation transcription by Neon enables a new generation of applications, providing greater business efficiencies for: simultaneously working with multiple people and on multiple projects; interactively querying business information resources in conversations; providing options while on-hold; generating business marketing analytics from conversations; and generally enabling parallel interactions. 

Richard Leeds, Founder and President of Neongecko, said: “ enables new applications in conversation processing and conversational AI, applications that improve productivity and facilitate better social interactions, for example in multiple languages and through multiple media. Neon enables a broad range of applications, and our NeonU and NeonX AudibleAI PCs showcase conversation processing applications that improve social media and user productivity, plus they provide new AudibleAI capabilities such as audio ‘likes.’ Of course, we only reconvey recordings with our users’ permission.” software is showcased on more than 100 public demonstration websites under the Neon beta program. Use of the latest versions of Windows, Ubuntu or MacOS iOS is recommended.

Please visit using the standard Google Chrome web browser. Links to videos and images showcasing Neon’s conversational AI skills, audible advertising coupon applications, and polylingual capabilities are available at the company website: Neon software source code is available on GitHub (limited license).

About Neongecko Inc. (Neongecko) works together with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp (CPIC). Richard Leeds founded CPIC as an Internet research lab, and Neongecko to develop computer applications. CPIC is the owner/inventor of 8 patents for conversation processing and related applications granted in the US, Europe and China. Neongecko and CPIC are located in the Seattle area in Washington State. 

For further information:

  • Joshua Rekitt, 206-773-6536,
  • or Richard Leeds, 206-854-7100.

September 2019 – Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI Communicator” on the Google Play Store

Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI Communicator” on the Google Play Store.

First Integration of an AI Conversational Personal Assistant with  Public and Private Chatrooms, Using Voice and Text for Android Devices

Renton, WA – September 9, 2019 – Inc. today introduced the “Neon AI Communicator” for Google Android phones and devices. The Neon AI Communicator is the first mobile phone app to combine a “conversational assistant” for personal productivity with “audio chat” for public and private conversations. 

The Communicator’s advanced conversation processing enables simultaneous conversations between multiple users in multiple languages, and combines voice conversations and text chats. Neon AI automatically translated and transcribed in a dozen of the most popular languages. 

The Communicator’s conversational assistant provides skills such as reminders, calculations, weather and more. 

The Neon Artificial Intelligence Communicator features:
  • Private and Public Conversations
  • Integrated Conversational AI
  • Message Sharing Between Android and External Websites
  • Voice with Automatic Transcription, Translation and Text to Speech
  • Alarms, Reminders and Notifications including Conversation Segment Reconveyance
  • Answer Questions from Online Resources like Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and more
  • Performs Conversions and Calculations
  • Plays Music and Videos
  • Executes Thousands of Customizable Commands 
  • Multi-platform Support

The Neon AI Communicator is the next step in human-computer interaction, combining conversational AI personal assistant skills with advanced public and private social media. The Communicator is the newest member of Neongecko’s family of Neon AI product platforms which includes: the network of social media websites, Neon Nano HTML, Neon X / Neon U devices, and now the Neon AI Communicator for Android phones. 

The Neon AI Communicator is based on the enabling technology provided by Neongecko’s software development kit (“SDK”) for websites, servers, mobile phones and devices. All Neon AI platforms support “cross-platform sign-in” for easy access to user’s conversations and content, at home, in the office and while traveling. Conversations are a seamless experience between browsers, phones and devices, enabling an always-on connection.

The Neon AI Communicator is a first-of-its-kind polylingual chat service for Android devices that is compatible with social media (, as well as the NeonX and NeonU devices, and systems. Developers and technophiles can use the software development kit at home and in the office to create seamless experiences between Android devices, business systems and connected websites, where users can always stay connected.

At the product announcement, Neongecko’s Android Product Manager Daniel McKnight said: “Neongecko is excited to introduce our revolutionary Neon Ai Communicator for Android phones and devices. The Communicator is the first communication console supporting parallel conversations with speech, text, personal digital assistant skills, AI informational queries, public chat rooms, private messaging and per-user translation. The Neon AI Communicator makes it easy to simultaneously stay up-to-date with work, friends, family, and subjects you’re following.” 

Josh Rekitt, User Experience Manager for Neongecko Inc., said “Users can keep in touch in multiple simultaneous conversations, for example internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, and connections between family and friends. Users can get information by asking questions like ‘what’s the weather in Rome’, or click the tab to join the cattalk conversation, or users can send me messages by simply using the Communicator and typing ‘@Josh I’m here :-)’ so we can start a private conversation.” 

The Neon AI Communicator is showcased in demonstration videos of conversational AI skills, calculations, conversions, translations, database queries, audible advertising coupons and more.

The Neon AI Communicator is compatible with standard Android phones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel products running Android OS Versions 8 and 9. Website compatibility is provided on Chrome, Mozilla and other full featured browsers.  The Communicator is immediately available for download on the Google Play Store. There is no charge to download or use the Communicator app or features.