CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2021

Mycroft Channel Partner

Neon AI is a Mark II compatible descendant of Mycroft with additions for flexibility, power & speed; skills are upward compatible from Mycroft to Neon AI.Neon AI Personal Voice Assistant, Mycroft Channel Partner, solid orange gecko hand on black, orange words

Neon AI Enhancement Benefits:

Mobile App, Browser & Custom Device Support
    SMS, image capture, other media

User Profile and Single-sign-on
    Security, convenience

Socket Traffic Encryption
    Privacy, end-to-end security

Fully Multithreaded
    Flexibility for future hardware

Backend Optional
    Run local independently

Streaming STT
    Always-on applications

Transcript and Audio SavingNeon AI Device, front, back, and Mycroft Mark 1 on a side table next to a person
    Repurposed activities and logs

Multi-User/Server Support
    More than one user per device

Conversation Scripting Language
    Customer & other user engagement

Per-utterance "Speaker" Params
    Tailored voicings

8+ Advanced Skills with Web DB & integrated notifications, customized keywords, foundations for further skills
    Enable corporate and medical care applications

Neon AI


Enterprise, institution, OEM targets; with conversational workflow development and systems integration.

Consumer and hobbyist target; initially a Kickstarter.

World’s most advanced open platform voice assistant.

World’s first open source voice assistant.

Neon AI software runs on many devices, from desktops to smartphones to advanced chipsets.

“Software runs on many platforms—on desktop, our Mycroft Mark 1, or on a Raspberry Pi”

Our own OEM form factors for smart speakers, greeters and kiosks.

One consumer-targeted form factor, another on the way.

Free open source codebase like Mycroft, plus full platform and an optional enabling gateway to Neon AI tech innovations, custom services.  “Open source software which can be freely remixed, extended, and improved....”

Neon AI is a descendant of Mycroft with additions for flexibility, power & speed (see above); skills are upward compatible from Mycroft to Neon AI.

Neon AI was a founding investor in Mycroft and is an ongoing supporter and contributor.