CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2021

Why an open platform?

At Neon AI we believe that what is built for your company should belong to you - in perpetuity.

Our commitment to an Open Platform means that you won't be dependent on us, nor paying a subscription fee to retain the functionality of software that has become critical to your business. 

Neon AI’s Open Platform


Closed Platform

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home, etc

Open on all levels for customization and enhancements

  • Enables users to work at many levels of programming
  • White label system with license available to the Neon AI server

“You get what you get”

  • Not going to concern themselves with special customization of their system for a particular customer.

Better privacy

  • To the greatest extent possible Neongecko doesn’t share information.
  • Neon AI can use Amazon or Google services and our server aggregates connections, which obfuscates individual users.

Privacy Concerns

  • User license allows them to “share with trusted partners”
  • Privacy concerns on their platforms with STT, TTS, location information, network data, etc.

Use our services wherever you want

  • Our servers
  • Shared servers including Mycroft AI
  • Your own servers, such as Deep Speech for STT and Mimic for TTS
  • Your VUI is under your control

Use their services where and as they choose

  • Closed system
  • Limited options
  • Support for your VUI could be canceled at any time. 

Small Company

  • Just tell us what you need
  • Expertise and partnerships with other open platforms such as Mycroft & OVOS.

Jumbo Size Company

  • Bureaucratic inertia & must-follow procedures
  • Not partnered with Mycroft or OVOS

More Options

  • Available for more platforms.
  • Neon AI enables smart speakers, “view” devices, and PCs.
  • Neon AI app is available for Android phones.
  • Neon AI enables “standard” websites.
  • MyCroft Channel Partner
  • Neon AI provides a conversation console in web browsers.
  • Neon AI enables communications between platforms.
  • Unlimited skill development flexibility.

Fewer Options

  • Limited platforms
  • Limited device choices
  • Limited browser compatibility
  • Limited cross-platform functionality

With collaborative conversations and careful attention to your input, our experts will work with you to create custom voice user interfaces to take your enterprise into the future. 

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