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For Developers Only - Fully Assembled and Ready to Use, with disassembly tool for creators.Mycroft II, 8 photos, 4 each of standard white and of DIY blue

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"Computers can only do one thing: Math. Fortunately for them, a shockingly high percentage of life can be translated into math." - Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

The Neon OVOS Mycroft AI Mark II has state of the art features including a Raspberry Pi 4 processor, array microphones, beamforming, active noise cancellation and a bright screen to display important information. It also sounds great, filling your room with vivid highs and deep lows.

Neon AI downloadable software source code, for generic Raspberry Pi and Mycroft Mark II, is available on GitHub from NeonGecko and (beta).

This project is suitable for novice and expert users experienced with generic Raspberry Pi systems, Mycroft Mark 1, or Mycroft Mark II hardware.

The package includes capabilities such as:

• WiFi - Easy Neon device "hotspot" to connect to your phone or pad, and WiFi setup for connecting your external keyboard and other devices.

• STT/TTS - On-device and on-premises foreign language support with Mozilla DeepSpeech, Nemo, Kaldi, Mimic, Pico and more. Enhanced cloud support services include Google STT, Amazon AWS TTS and other behemoths. 

Supplies are extremely limited. 

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Simple drawing of Mycroft Mark II
Mycroft Mark II Device
Full Neon AI Software Pre-installed
Raspberry Pi 4 Computer box, red with white letters. Model B, 2GB Ram
Raspberry Pi 4 Included
Creator toolkit - take it apart!
Disassemble, Develop, Create!
Power adapters for global use
Global Power-Up Options

We include everything a conversational AI creator needs to get creative :-)

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