Neon AI CIO Review 2022 Award

Neon AI SDK, Neon Nano, NeonX,, and NeonU Video Archive

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Neon SDK
Neon AI Software Development Kit Installation and Programming Instructional Videos with Transcriptions 

Neon Nano


Neon X Individual Skill Demonstrations

Create A Support Ticket


Say Hello

5 times 7

Spell Microphone

Time in Paris

Shut Down (audible)

Derivative of the log of X

IBM Stock Price

Exit (audible)

Clear User Data

Cancel Timers

Set a Ten Minute Timer

Set a Two Second Timer

Cancel Alarms

Set an Alarm

Decrease Volume (audible)

Clear Reminders

Remind Me

Increase Volume (audible)

AVPlay Relaxing Jazz

Send me my Coupons

Read my Brands

Tell me my Likes

I like Neongecko (notification)

I like Google (notification)

I do not like Apple (notification)

Coupons for Microsoft

Update my Brands

IP Address

Who are You

Where Are You

Playback Last Recording

Caffeine Content of 1893 Cola

Caffeine Content of Sprite

Show Last Picture (audible)

Record 3 seconds

Tell me about Linux

Take a Picture (audible)

Tell me about Elon Musk

Tell me a joke

English Australian

Spanish Translation

Russian Translation


Neon X Single Language Translations Chat