Teams of Human and AI Experts
Solve Complex Problems

Collaborative Conversational AI

Collaborative Human-AI Interactions
AI Facilitated Conversational Expert Forums
Improved Decision Making and System Controls
Custom Conversational AI Applications

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Solutions from Neon AI

Current Problem:
Experts are Siloed

The Neon AI Solution:
Facilitated Forums of Human, LLM and AI Experts
Available in Multiple Media

Current Problem:
AI Decisions are Not Auditable

The Neon AI Solution:
Collaborative Conversational AI Natural Language Decisions
Collaborative Decision Making
Failsafe Decision Support

Current Problem:
Scaling Up Experts is Difficult

The Neon AI Solution:
Configurable Participants
Configurable Protocols
Custom LLM Facilitators
Collaboratize Existing Chatbots

Unique Technology from Neon AI

AI Voice Solutions

On Premises Privacy
Enterprises Servers
Home Automation
Open Source
Full Support

AI Conversation Facilitators

Computer-Human Facilitators
Chatbots Forums
Collaboratized Participants
Complex Situation Analysis

Voice Assistant LLM Skills

Enterprise Voice Assistants
Personal Voice Assistants
Mission Critical Operations
Polylingual Fallback Skills

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Neon AI Applications

Collaborative AI Solutions Extends Across All Application Categories

Create Amazing
Conversational AI Applications

Build intelligent, engaging conversational AI applications that understand users, deliver personalized responses, and revolutionize customer interactions.

Proprietary Products

Your can Create Amazing Voice and Natural Language Interactions – With a Head Start from Neon AI.

Demonstration Systems

Neon AI can provide reference systems, so your Systems Development Team can create a broad range of applications.

Open Source Software

Leverage open-source frameworks and libraries to accelerate development of your conversational AI applications.

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