Meet the Neon AI Team

We are creating the future of conversational AI.

Neon AI creates cutting-edge conversational artificial intelligence technology. Neon AI devices and systems empower enterprise, retail and individual users with real-time transcription, translation, voice commands, audible advertising, conversation segment reconveyance, contextual notification, adaptive forums, and much more. Neon AI's team is experienced in providing customized proprietary and open source solutions for large corporations. 

Richard LeedsRichard Leeds 

President / Founder / Inventor

Kirill HyrmailoKirill Hrymailo 

Senior Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

Rudy DarkenRudy Darken 

Lead Patent Attorney

Elon GasperElon Gasper 

CTO / Co-inventor / IP Development Lead

Vitaliy Vitaliy Barnych

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

Dave LaRiviere Dave LaRiviere 

Patent Attorney

Daniel McKnightDaniel McKnight 

Developer Relations Manager / Software Team Lead

Mariia Razno Mariia Razno

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

John Sample John Sample 


Guy DanielsGuy Daniels 

Chief Software Engineer / Klat Lead Developer / Neon AI Server 

Bohdan Mykhailenko Bohdan Mykhailenko 

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

Andrii Pernatii  Andrii Pernatii

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

Joshua RekittJoshua Rekitt 

User Experience / Web & Content Master / Organizer

Casimiro Ferreira  Casimiro Ferreira 

Code Wrangler



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Neongecko Inc.
15 S Grady Way
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(206) 232-7200


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