Neon AI for Work / Corporations

Partnering with Neon AI empowers you to make 21st century applications!

Neon AI is both an open source Conversational AI platform for your developers to download and customize, and a full service support team to assist in your company’s successful implementation and deployment of conversational business systems, integrated with your data, and fully on premises.

For instance, a programmer at your automobile company can customize the Neon AI SDK to create your branded conversational assistant named “Elaine”, with a skill to “open my car windows”, and then your Elaine Conversational Assistant could accept the command, “Elaine open my driver side window.”

For a retail business, Neon AI can audibly greet people entering your store, conversationally offering help, and giving customers directions to finding products. Your customized store greeter can welcome your visitors questions, responding specifically with your data selections.

The future of business applications is conversational. Neon AI develops cutting-edge conversational artificial intelligence so you can focus on developing the solutions that matter to you and your users. Neon AI can be an easy to use desktop assistant, a customer facing AI agent or extraordinary new products and human-computer interfaces … such as:

  • Smart personal assistants
  • Smart business applications  
  • Conversational internet websites 
  • Interfaces to business data
  • Home controls
  • Interactive assembly instructions
  • Robots, wearable AI, talking appliances and conversational devices

Neon AI can answer your questions simply by your talking with Neon and asking for directions, inventory queries, conversions, Wikipedia lookups, reminders, and on-and-on. Communicating with Neon can include gestures or claps, and extends to any form of conversation: audio, text and video.

Neon AI is ready to help your company embrace conversational AI for business productivity. More than any other “AI”, Neon can put your employees in touch with each other and your customer service agents in touch with users on your website, on Android phones and on conversational websites like Neon AI is a corporate “white label solution” that is powerful and flexible. Think Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but with open source available for your customization.

The technology behind Neon AI is an integrated suite of services for conversation processing, natural language understanding, transcription, language translation, database integration and AI technologies capable of enabling a multitude of products and services. The Neon AI SDK integrates many services that provide a broad range of conversational AI capabilities. The Neon AI SDK includes for industry standard Python development. Neon AI utilizes audio, video, speech-to-text and gestures, and provides its responses using text-to-speech, playing audio files, device operation, and home controls through OpenHAB automation. 

Corporate developers can use the Neon AI SDK to provide their own proprietary Conversational Assistant, for example for voice access to company databases, and optionally with their own custom in-house skills. Businesses and retail stores can be equipped with custom “greeters” – quickly and easily using Neon AI’s custom conversation scripting.

Hardware designers and device developers using the Neon AI SDK can make cutting edge conversational applications that respond to their brand name and execute their custom programmed commands. For instance, a developer could customize the Neon AI SDK to make a branded conversational assistant named “Sasha”, develop a skill to “take a screen shot”, and then the Sasha Conversational Assistant could accept the command, “Sasha, take a screen shot”.

Over 100 demonstration videos are available. Neon AI demos include fully functional devices, Android devices, custom applications, standard websites with Neon AI Nano; standard Intel based PCs and smart speaker devices, and conversational AI enabled websites with real-time speech-to-text processing for transcriptions and translations and for multiple simultaneous conversations. Conversation segments can be spoken or typed, and can be internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, or simply connections between family and friends. Neon AI uses STT, TTS and AI to keep people in touch.