Imagine what you can do with Neon AI state-of-the-art enabling technologies.

Using the Neon AI SDK, software and hardware developers can quickly enable a broad range of Audible AI applications and devices with conversation processing and conversational AI.

Add Conversation Processing to:

Corporate Applications




Home Appliances

Customer Service



Full stack application developers can incorporate new AI skills that include real-time transcription, translation, conversations, device control, audible gestures (like claps) and much more, all from the Neon AI software development kit. 


Diana Services:
Device Independent API for Neon AI Applications (DIANA)

Diana offers an array of services to choose among. These provide for automated setup and facilitate common administration tasks during business and enterprise installation of Neon AI applications, including:

Diana Server TTS and Translation 

Docker Support

Kubernetes Support 

Backend Services 

Ingress Support

Manual Configuration for Docker  

Diana Utilities Module 


Command Line Interface Utilities:

Neon CLI – Command Line Interface to the AI core, and for displaying logs and microphone level

Neon Mana CLI – Command Line Interface for detecting and sending message objects via the messagebus 

Neon Iris CLI – Command Line Interface for secure connections by Python clients via the MQ connector

Examples – Explanations for typical CLI uses

The Neon AI Software Development Kit integrates advanced AI and Natural Language Understanding into a cohesive software engineering platform.  Download the Neon SDK ~ Installing and using the Neon SDK

Neon AI utilizes state-of-the-art technologies for a short learning curve and rapid deployment, including:

  • HTML5 Audio Video
  • WebRTC
  • Node.js
  • Stun / Turn Servers
  • GitHub
  • Deep Speech
  • Google & Amazon
  • Mimic TTS
  • MySQL
  • OpenHab
  • Belkin & TPLink Controls
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • PyCharm & PhpStorm
  • Python 3 & JS Coqui

On the front lines of the AI revolution, join us in helping lead the way to a brighter, and easier, tomorrow.  

Download the Neon SDK ~ Installing and using the Neon SDK ~ Git involved