Download the Neon AI Personal Assistant and Network Services and Applications

Neon AI Download Free

For Mycroft Mark II Users, Download the Neon AI Private Personal Assistant

Download Neon AI for Mycroft Mark II

For Enterprise Users, Download Neon AI Enterprise Services, Docker Containers and Kubernetes Cluster Management Tools

Download Neon AI Docker Containers & Diana Services

For Developers, Download the Neon AI Open Source Python DIY Build from GitHub

The Neon AI Conversational AI System is a downloadable open software source Python platform, provided as a full featured Software Development Kit (SDK), free for non-commercial use (under 1000 users). The Neon AI SDK has built-in capacity for uses such as:

  • Kiosks, hand scanners and other customer information devices
  • Internet search
  • Artificial intelligence for greeting people and answering questions
  • Deep Speech is included for offline use, and Google Speech is used when online.
SDK Installation Instructions and Information (Ubuntu and Others)
Debos recipes for building images:

* A library of previous versions of our OS images is available here.

For Foreign Language Support Modules and Additional Resource Downloads

Request Open Source Resources

For Support Connect with us on the Neon AI Community Forum

  • Come visit our public rooms on Matrix for a quick response from our team
    • During daytime hours M-F Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) you may be able to get us immediately for a live chat
    • Messages sent at other times we’ll see as soon as we get back to work

Page Updated: 4/26/2023