Announcing Neon AI’s HANA: Efficient HTTP API for Neon Applications, an API for accessing Neon AI’s Diana web-based services – enabling conversational AI applications developers to use a standardized interface for languages, conversations, cloud based skills and access to generative AI systems. This API discussion thread is open for developers to get support and share uses and improvements. 

Notable uses of Diana services include:

  • Diana Server TTS and Translation Services 
  • Docker Support
  • Kubernetes Support — Cluster Portion Support
  • Kubernetes Cluster to Cert Package — Domain SSL Certification 
  • Backend Services — Credentials — Cluster Management — CM Secrets — Docker Compose
  • Ingress Support — for Cluster Portion Support 
  • Manual Configuration for Docker  
  • Diana Utilities Module — Automated Certbot and RabbitMQ Configuration, HTTPS Services, Web Socket Services, Port IO Services, and Message Bus

On-Device Speech To Text (STT) and Text To Speech (TTS)

Full on-device polylingual speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) are provided for:

  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Mycroft Mark 2

Documentation and Resources:

The HANA API and documents is available at Neon AI Beta
The HANA repository is available at GitHub 
The node that’s running on the Mark II in the demo above can be found at GitHub