July-August 2019 Newsletter

Neon AI Community Newsletter July-August 2019

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We have great news for Android users. Neongecko has launched the “Neon AI Communicator” for Android 8.0+ now on the Google Play Store (search for “Neon AI”). 


The Neon AI Communicator is the next evolutionary step in human-computer interfaces, combining speech based advanced social media with personal assistant productivity skills. 


Neon AI Communicator on the Google Play Store for Android Users

The Neon AI Communicator is the first “parallel communication console” for mobile devices, supporting conversations with: speech and text, translation, personal digital assistant skills, AI informational queries, public chat rooms, private texting, and much more. A “single sign-on” is provided on the web and on Android phones, which allows for a seamless experience wherever you are. The Neon AI Communicator is the way to simultaneously keep in touch with work, friends, families and subjects you’re following.



Klat.com – Neon AI for Advanced Social Media – On the Web Real-Time Chat With Real-Time Translations

Klat.com is Neongecko’s browser-based console that provides parallel conversations on the web, using speech and text, and incorporates Neon AI to provide to interactive personal assistant using Conversational Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Understanding Skills. to link with other relevant topics of discussion.  Conversations are supported across multiple media, including audio, video, speech-to-text and text-to-speech. Latest release: August 14, 2019. Adds improvements to foreign language services, “follows” and “private conversations”. 


Neon AI Nano HTML for Website Designers – The Straight Forward Way to Add “Speech input AI” to Existing Webpages

Neon AI Nano’s users don’t “go to another webpage.” Instead, they stay on the current page and results of their interactions with Neon AI can be inserted into applications – results like transcriptions, conversions, math and translations. In the middle of an application, for example, while scheduling an event, a user can click the microphone button and get weather forecast information to decide on scheduling. On a travel site, users can ask for a conversion from dollars to euros and meters to miles. Remarkably, Neon AI can be added to standard webpages in one line of HTML. How powerful is this one line of HTML? The one line of Neon AI HTML calls the full Neon AI, which is powered by millions of lines of code as well as public and private data, through the Neon AI servers. Latest release: August 1, 2019. Adds foreign language options, sign-on, performance and stability improvements.


Neon AI Software Development Kit (SDK) – Open Source on GitHub – Neon AI is Customizable

Think Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana – with open source code. The Neon AI SDK is the first “white label” platform that is preconfigured to enable software developers and hardware designers to quickly produce a full range of voice controlled devices, home automation, smart speakers, interactive applications and conversational websites. Neon AI provides Conversation Processing for Conversational AI, Real-time Speech-to-Text, Transcription, Language Translation, Database Integration, Text-to-Speech and AI Skills. Latest release: August 1, 2019. Now available with increased profile data, multi-platform sign-on and improved performance. Educational platform recommendation starting at under $400.


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