June 2022 Newsletter – Neon AI

While we shifted locations, had our offices bombed, coped with intermittent power and internet, .. Starlink, GitHub, Matrix and Zoom helped us keep working and stay in contact.

– Neon AI Ukrainian Team Member (More Ukraine team updates below.)

Neon AI June 2022 News

Neon AI is an award winning platform for developing conversational artificial intelligence software. Our partners are developing retail floor, caregiving, and assembly instruction applications.

In the second quarter of 2022, the Neon AI team completed significant advances in foreign language capabilities and custom voice user interface (VUI) applications.

Neon AI Product Announcements

Enhanced Ukrainian and Polish Foreign Language Support

The Neon AI software development platform now provides real-time Ukrainian and Polish language services, including transcription, translation and speech services, for conversational AI applications. We are delighted to share that credit goes to our Ukrainian team. Neon AI is downloadable software, supporting multiple system and device options (available at http://neonaiarchive.com/downloads).

The Neon AI platform provides polylingual speech-to-text, text-to-speech and AI skills. Demonstrations of Neon AI conversational interactions in Ukrainian and Polish are available at http://neonaiarchive.com/languages/Ukrainian and http://neonaiarchive.com/languages/Polish. Neon AI is “open source”, which allows users to make unlimited enhancements. (More on open source software below.)

Foreign language support now includes the Coqui.ai set of on-device open sourced speech technology. Our on-device capabilities provide maximum privacy and security, in addition to on-premises and on the cloud solutions.

Neon AI Updates For Enterprise Developers

Enterprise rollouts of Neon AI platform applications to multiple devices can now be secured with Docker containers, and Kubernetes clusters for updates. Please visit http://neonaiarchive.com/enterpriseservices

The Neon AI team is pleased to have been awarded the distinction of “Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider – December 2021” by CIO Review Magazine. “Neon technology was leveraged by one of the company’s largest clients, a Fortune 100 industrial giant in the US … to put together a conversational AI system in a new department.” Read all about it – “Neon AI: Conversational AI Made Ubiquitous” https://conversational.cioreview.com/vendor/2021/neon_ai

Our experienced Voice UI team can help your company produce advanced voice software and systems products too.

Enhanced KlatChat 2.0 Platform for Voice and Text Conversations

Neon AI also completed a sleek new version of KlatChat, our “adaptive forum” which enables humans and AI facilitator chatbots to interact in a conversational environment. KlatChat 2.0 is nearing public pre-release, thanks in great part to our Ukrainian team.

On KlatChat, realtime polylingual translations and AI voice commands are provided for applications such as assembly instructions, retail floor automation and caregiving situations. Demonstrations of chatbots and humans chatting are available on Chatbots Forum at https://chatbotsforum.org For chatbot developers, code for building chatbots is available on GitHub http://neonaiarchive.com/neonaichatbotssource (email info@neon.ai for credentials). A list of Neon AI’s supported foreign languages is available at http://neonaiarchive.com/languages.

Neon AI Ukraine Team Update

“In these extreme circumstances it is great to have something else to think about. That’s just how we Ukrainian people are, indomitable.” Neon AI Ukrainian Team Leader

We lost contact with our Ukrainian team at the start of the Russian invasion, and for two weeks we didn’t see their faces appear on the screen.

Fortunately they all were able to get to safety, and get back in contact with us. One shared with us that the office building they worked in was bombed – luckily destroying only computer systems and infrastructure. All of our team’s work is shared and kept thoroughly backed up at all times, so with our people safe we lost nothing that mattered, but it shook us nonetheless, and for them it will take many years to rebuild.

Our Ukrainian linguistics expert from Kharkiv rejoined our meetings from Czechia, saying she’d been able to take her mother, younger sister, aunt, and cousin to safety there. Since then she’s finished a new demonstration Voice User Interface for conversational applications that provide assembly instructions, as well as continuing to expand our language options for Polish and Ukrainian.

Neon AI’s KlatChat 2.0 project leader attends our meetings in voice only for now. He was able to take his family west out of Kyiv. They have nightly black-outs for their own safety, but he has persevered in continuing to work on his laptop and uploading his progress to GitHub periodically via a Starlink terminal.

Another of our team members took his wife and baby to Poland right away, while he returned to the Ukraine. Since then they’ve made it here to Seattle, where we’re doing all we can to support them.

When the invasion of Ukraine started, Neon AI acted quickly to help our people in the most practical way – we paid our Ukrainian team in advance for the following month. Whether they could work or not we didn’t know, but we did know that the added financial resources might get them to safety. We also assured our employees that their jobs were safe, and we would continue to pay them, so that they could make decisions knowing that if they left their country it would be as employed refugees.

In this time of chaos and tragedy, we are grateful to many people, particularly those in Poland and Czechia who are providing help and support to Ukrainian refugees, including our team members and their families and friends, including continuing their education.

Can Neon AI Provide Your Organization’s Voice Applications?

Absolutely! The Neon AI team would be pleased to assist you in the development of your voiced AI applications.

We are thankful to be able to share with you our continued technological progress as a conversational AI developer, and hope this newsletter finds you safe and well.

Send me an email and we can discuss delivering your conversational AI platform needs,

Daniel McKnight, Tech Leader





About Neon AI

Why Open Source?

The Neon AI conversational platform is provided as open source software so that business and personal applications are yours to use and enhance .. in perpetuity. Open Source Software provides continuity, transparency, customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integratability, and a support community.

Joshua Montgomery founder of Mycroft AI gives a clear example of why Open Source Software is an excellent choice for business continuity. Cozmo Open Software Saves the Day (https://mycroft.ai/blog/cozmo-open-software-saves-the-day/)

At The Forefront of Voice User Interface Development

At Neon AI we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of VUI development – providing integration at all levels of the stack, from “edge” devices (Mycroft Mark 2, RPI 4 and Android), to web based applications, to browsers, to on-premises servers, to cloud servers, and on to connecting with local and remote databases and services. Our team can put together your custom systems for caregiving, assembly instructions, retail automation and other applications.

The Neon AI open source conversational AI platform provides a secure, private and transparent solution for developing advanced voice applications.

Thank You For Supporting Globally Developed Conversational AI Software

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Neon AI is a partner in OVOS, the Open Voice Operating System https://openvoiceos.com

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