Neon AI is Mycroft’s Channel Partner for Software Solutions

Neon AI Provides the Personal Assistant Software for the Mycroft Mark II Hardware 

Neon AI Conversational Software is compatible with Mycroft Core and provides additional flexibility, skills, server support, foreign language support and much more.

Neon AI Personal Voice Assistant, Mycroft Channel Partner, solid orange gecko hand on black, orange words

Mark II Users – The “Neon AI Conversational Personal Assistant”

Developer Platform

  • Conversational AI Development ToolsNeon AI Mark 2
  • Conversational AI Open Source Examples
  • Proprietary Pipelines for Training Open Source STT and TTS Models
  • Compatible with Mycroft Core
  • Developer Support

Enterprise Tools for Corporate Users

  • On-premises Solutions
  • On-premises Server Capabilities
  • Custom Personal Assistant Skills
  • Custom Conversational AI Software
  • Support for Multiple Users
  • Support for Offline Operation
  • Support for On-premises Server for Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech
  • Modular Deployment for Flexible Applications
  • Advanced Language Support
  • Support for Auto-Translation Mode for Broad Language Coverage
  • Support for Manual Translation Mode for Best Quality
  • Easy Deployment with DockerNeon AI Mark 2 Download Free and Kubernetes

New Neon AI Tools in Progress

  • Audio and Text Transcription Management
  • Support for Connections to External Applications and Clients
  • User Profiles with Single Sign-On Support (SSO)
  • Conversation Scripting Language (Custom Conversation Language)
  • Simple DIANA backend Deployment to Kubernetes with Helm Charts

* Supported systems include: Raspberry Pi, Intel, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian and more), and Docker/Kubernetes. Available Neon AI downloads include Mark2 images, containers and Python Packages.

Neon AI operating system running on the Mycroft Mark II device, a small square smartspeaker with screen
Neon SSD Boot drive, instructions, stickers, cord, and reusable adhesive fastener to attach the SSD to the Mark II
Neon Logo USB Boot Drive
Download button


Voice Assistant Skills


Set a 5 minute timer
Set an 8 AM alarm
Remind me to take out the trash every Friday at 7 PM

CaffeineWiz ☕

Tell me the caffeine content of Pepsi One


I want to talk to ChatGPT

Date and Time ?⏰

What’s the date
What time is it in Lima Peru


Show me the demo


Do you know any Chuck Norris jokes
Make me laugh


Play jazz
Play Mozart


Repeat ‘Good morning, Mike’
Say ‘Goodnight, Gracie’


How do you spell aardvark
Spell bureaucracy


What’s the stock / share price for Microsoft
What is Tesla trading at


Translate hello to Polish
How do you say thank you in Ukrainian


What’s the forecast for tonight
What is the weather in Seattle


Check Wikipedia for cats
Tell me about dogs
Tell me more

WolframAlpha? Computation and Information 

How far away is the moon
What is square root of 64

User Settings

Email Address?

My email address is…
Tell me my email address


Change my primary language to Ukrainian
I will speak to you in Spanish
Speak to me in French


Where am I
Change my location to Seattle

Personal Information ?

My name is…
My birthday is…
What is my name


Change my time format to twenty-four hour time
Change my time format to twelve hour time
Change my timezone to London


Change my units to metric
Use imperial units

Additional Settings⚙️

Change my wakeword to Mycroft
Enable audio recordings
Disable audio recordings
Permit transcriptions
Disable transcriptions
Talk to me faster
Talk to me normally













Neon System Commands

About ?

How are you
What can you do
What is your email address
When were you born
Who are you
Who made you

Data Controls ?

Clear my user transcriptions
Delete my profile
Erase all pictures

Device Control Center ?

Shut down
Increase the volume

IP Address?

Tell me your IP address
What’s my IP address

Speed Test ? 

How fast is my internet
Run a speed test

Support Helper?

Create a support ticket
Create a troubleshooting package


Check for updates
Do you have any updates
Run updates

Version Control?

Enable pre-releases updates
Switch to stable updates
What version is installed












Neon AI

Mycroft AI

Neon AI software is used by enterprises, commercial businesses, OEM’s, hobbyists and end users.

Mycroft AI software is used by consumers and hobbyist developers and was initially a Kickstarter campaign.

World’s most advanced open source personal assistant and conversational AI platform. The Neon AI personal assistant provides over 100 personal productivity and entertainment skills, and growing, and multiple on-premises server integration options. 

World’s first open source voice assistant. The Mycroft personal assistant offers 17 skills, and limited proprietary server support.

Neon AI software runs on the Mycroft Mark 2 and many other devices, from desktops to smartphones to advanced chipsets.

Mycroft software runs on Mycroft Mark 1, Mycroft Mark 2, Raspberry Pi and development environments.

Form factors for conversational alarm clocks, smart speakers, personal assistants, greeters and kiosks.

Mycroft Mark 2 consumer-targeted form factor.

Full open source codebase, plus a full open source Conversational AI platform and an enabling gateway to Neon AI tech innovations, custom services and broad form language support. Open source software not maintained by Mycroft.

Neon AI is compatible with Mycroft core and provides additions for flexibility, power, speed, many skills and Neon AI developer tools.

Full disclosure: Neon AI was a founding investor in Mycroft AI.

Neon AI provides 64GB USB and 256GB SSD bootable drives for the Mycroft Mark 2. There is no charge to download and use Neon AI software. Mycroft AI provides an 8GB USB drive.