Neon AI OS for the Mark II

Neon AI is the most advanced Conversational Assistant for the Mark II

  • Neon AI provides download images for Mycroft Mark II hardware, ready for flashing to a USB drive.
  • We recommend that you use Raspberry Pi Imager and a USB 3.0 or newer.

What the Neon AI Personal Assistant can do:

Downloadable Skills Guide for Neon AI on the Mycroft Mark II in PDF Format

Download the latest recommended Mark II image:

    File: Neon Mark II  (automatic download)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Plug your blank USB drive into your computer
  2. Open Imager
  3. Under ‘Operating System’, select ‘Use Custom’
  4. Locate and select the image you downloaded
  5. Under ‘Storage’, select your USB drive
  6. Click ‘Write’ and wait for the image to be written and verified
  7. Remove the USB drive and plug it into your Mark II
  8. Plug power into your Mark II
  9. After starting up, you will be guided through connecting to WiFi

Or Buy a USB drive that’s ready to boot on your Mark II

You can get the Neon AI conversational assistant, ready to run on your Mark II. The Neon AI OS comes on a high performance USB 3.1 drive, for $19.95. In response to a community request, we’ve made that available from Square here.

Update your existing Neon AI OS

For users who have updated after December 20, 2022:

  • Just ask “Hey Neon, are there any updates?”

For users with versions before December 20, 2022:

  • Instructions are here  (

For developers:

  • Drivers for the SJ201 Audio board are included and are ready to flash to a USB drive.
  • A library of older images is available here. Deep Speech is included for offline use, and Google Speech is used when online.

Need further support? We’re available to help.

Use these two methods for the quickest response from our team:

  • Come visit our public rooms on Matrix for a quick response from our team
    • During daytime hours M-F Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) you may be able to get us immediately for a live chat
    • Messages sent at other times we’ll see as soon as we get back to work
  • Email to set up a different time to get support, or for a Zoom video call.