Neon AI is an Open Source Conversational AI Platform

Why Choose Open Source?

Open Source for Continuity – Open source software is not dependent on a single company, providing businesses and individuals with security and continuity. Additionally, the source code is accessible to the public, ensuring transparency in the software’s development. Open source personal assistants also provide advantages in customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integrability, and a support community.

Community – Open source personal assistants are supported by a large community of users and developers who are available for end user support and to assist in integrating new products and services. The Neon AI open source Private Personal Assistant platform provides unlimited opportunities for the newest personal assistant skills. Global open source developers are committed to advancing voice applications and conversational AI at an incredible rate, and the Neon AI Private Personal Assistant platform enables businesses to hit the ground running with their own personal assistant.

Why Choose Neon AI?

The Neon AI Open Source Platform – The Neon AI Open Source Conversational AI Platform is publicly available code which individuals and companies own in parallel with their software developers and software development companies. The Neon AI Platform provides full feature speech processing (Speech to Text, Intent Processing and Text to Speech), foreign language support and server integration. The Neon AI platform is compatible with standard IDE’s and development tools.

Personal Assistant Skills – The Neon AI Private Personal Assistant is equipped with advanced skills; including voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. These skills enable it to understand and respond to users’ requests accurately, making the Neon AI Personal Assistant an ideal choice for households and businesses of any size. Businesses can develop custom skills for applications such as information kiosks, assembly instructions, and chatbots.

Secure and Private – The Neon AI platform provides for the security and privacy of users’ personal data. It provides a solution that keeps personal data under the user’s control and does not share it with any third parties. The Neon AI platform is the only open source platform to provide complete data privacy without limiting its functionality.

Expert Support – Neon AI is an authorized channel partner of Mycroft AI and a partner in OVOS, which provides businesses and individuals with access to support from an entire community of developers. This ensures timely assistance and updates for their personal assistants, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

Advanced Suite of Software Tools – Enterprise development tools for server integration and deployment including support for Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters and deployment. is based on “Neon,” Neongecko’s suite of online Conversation Processing Intelligence™ tools. These tools enable users to interact in real-time with other users by using Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Understanding Skills to link with other relevant topics of discussion. Conversations are supported across multiple media, including audio, video, speech-to-text and text-to-speech. demonstrates Neon AI powered chatbots interacting. 

Foreign Language Support – Speech-to-text, text-to-speech and AI skills for 13+ languages. Our efficient, lightweight STT & TTS systems use new techniques including transfer learning to enhance our machine-learning models. We keep our on-device polylingual system lightweight by working directly with graphemes, rather than including a phoneme set for each language. With our new methodology, even very small data sets can be enough to produce an excellent result.

At Neon AI we believe that what is built for your company should belong to you – in perpetuity.

Our commitment to an Open Source Platform enables you to be independent of us, enjoying the functionality of the software that has become critical to your business. 

Neon AI’s Open Platform


Closed Platform

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home, etc

Open on all levels for customization and enhancements

  • Enables users to work at many levels of programming
  • White label system with license available to the Neon AI server

“You get what you get”

  • Not going to concern themselves with special customization of their system for a particular customer.

Better privacy

  • To the greatest extent possible Neongecko doesn’t share information.
  • Neon AI can use Amazon or Google services and our server aggregates connections, which obfuscates individual users.

Privacy Concerns

  • User license allows them to “share with trusted partners”
  • Privacy concerns on their platforms with STT, TTS, location information, network data, etc.

Use our services wherever you want

  • Our servers
  • Shared servers including Mycroft AI
  • Your own servers, such as Deep Speech for STT and Mimic for TTS
  • Your VUI is under your control

Use their services where and as they choose

  • Closed system
  • Limited options
  • Support for your VUI could be canceled at any time. 

Small Company

  • Just tell us what you need
  • Expertise and partnerships with other open platforms such as Mycroft & OVOS.

Jumbo Size Company

  • Bureaucratic inertia & must-follow procedures
  • Not partnered with Mycroft or OVOS

More Options

  • Available for more platforms.
  • Neon AI enables smart speakers, “view” devices, and PCs.
  • Neon AI app is available for Android phones.
  • Neon AI enables “standard” websites.
  • MyCroft Channel Partner
  • Neon AI provides a conversation console in web browsers.
  • Neon AI enables communications between platforms.
  • Unlimited skill development flexibility.

Fewer Options

  • Limited platforms
  • Limited device choices
  • Limited browser compatibility
  • Limited cross-platform functionality

With collaborative conversations and careful attention to your input, our experts will work with you to create custom voice user interfaces to take your enterprise into the future. 

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