Bootable SSD Drive for the Mark II

Get more out of your Mycroft Mark II device

The Neon AI Enterprise OS is a plug-and-play operating system upgrade for the Mycroft Mark II.

We offer our Neon AI OS “ready to go” on an SSD drive – Purchase it on Square

You can add dozens of new skills to the Mark II – like ‘set an alarm’, or ‘tell me the weather in Seattle’, and more – by simply inserting the Neon AI OS memory stick into the Mycroft Mark II’s USB port and powering it up.

See a list of Neon AI’s skills at this link:

SSD Technical Specifications

Included with purchase of this SSD: SSD Drive, USB cord, USB-C adapter, Instructions, and Labels for your Mark II.

Memory Technology SSD (Solid State)

Digital Storage Capacity 256 GB

SSD Interface USB 3.1

Connectivity Technology USB – Cord & USB-C adapter included


FREE Shipping in the United States. Estimated additional shipping costs outside US is $15 per order. 

Purchase a Bootable SSD Drive with Neon AI OS for the Mycroft Mark II on Square

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