Digital AI Voice Assistant for Senior Living Centers 

Open Source Enables Customized Systems

The Neon AI voice assistant system is uniquely suited to senior living and healthcare environments. Unlike “Big Tech” voice assistants that upload, retain, and use cloud records of your conversations, Neon AI makes the world’s most advanced privacy-respecting voice assistants. Senior living communities with voice assistants can benefit in improved privacy, efficiency, and services. Neon AI open source systems are adaptable with customized features, integration and tailored development.

Senior Living

For Residents

  • Neon AI voice assistants support residents’ health and safety
  • Provides information and alerts for family, caregivers, and staff 
  • Assists in completing everyday tasks and scheduling appointments
  • Provides wake-up calls and care reminders
  • Helps maintain cognitive functioning through audio interaction and games

For Managers Managers in a senior living facility talk to each other

  • Displays voice interaction statistics and selected contents
  • Delivers insights from voice interactions to improve amenities, care, and service 
  • Provides organizational efficiency and remote access  
  • Optional integration with existing systems and data

For Staff Senior living staff member holding chart checking in with another staff member

  • Facilitates communication with residents
  • Helps staff identify the individual and collective needs of the community
  • Improves meal planning, taking into consideration specialized requirements and past data
  • Assists team in building meaningful relationships with residents
  • Staff console to optionally help monitor voice behavior data