September 2022 Newsletter

Computers can only do one thing: math. Fortunately for them, a shockingly high percentage of life can be translated into math.” – Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

Neon AI October 2022 – Conversational AI News

Neon AI 2.0 version 2022.10

The Neon AI Team Delivers New Conversational AI

“New multilingual computer conversations in 23 languages, new frameworks for mall kiosks and shop floor work instructions, new on-premises enterprise server tools, new personal devices with speech privacy, improved performance – and support for Neon AI, Mycroft AI and OpenVoiceOS platforms – Neon AI’s global innovators have been busy!”

  – Josh Rekitt, Neon AI Community Manager

CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2021 next to Mycroft Mark II

Neon AI Product Announcements

Neon AI v2022.10 Has Launched!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Neon AI version 2022.10 – the most complete open source Conversational AI platform for Linux – servers and devices, including Raspberry Pi, Mycroft Mark II, Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters. Downloads are available at:

Neon AI is Conversational AI for enterprise users and individuals. Neon AI is both a ready-to-run personal assistant (available on Square), and downloadable open source software ready for customization (available on GitHub from NeonGecko and beta). Neon AI has been featured in CIO Review and EEWeb.

Neon AI Skill Demo - showing the time, and weather, and "Ask me, what day is memorial day 2020?"

Klat 2.0 – Polylingual Audio Conversation Platform Integrated with Chatbots

Klat is Neon AI’s unique adaptive forum, which enables humans, and AI facilitator chatbots, to interact in a conversational environment. The user’s chosen global languages are provided with real-time translation and AI voice commands. Visit Klat at

New capabilities include chatbot integration, user info, multilingual chat and conversation reference points. Behind the scenes our team has built it all out in Python to increase compatibility and accessibility of the code for our partnership projects. 

For chatbot developers, code for building Klat compatible chatbots is available on GitHub (email for credentials). 

Ukraine Flag "blowing"

New Polylingual Application Demonstrations from the Neon AI Ukraine Team

The Neon AI Ukraine team has been busy building new multi-lingual applications, with real-time translations.  See them in action using the links below:

Neon AI Translation Skill Demonstration

Ukrainian Conversational AI Manufacturing and Assembly Application

Polish Conversational AI Manufacturing and Assembly Application

Statue of the Greek Goddess Diana

Neon AI For Enterprise Developers

Device Independent API for Neon AI Applications (DIANA)

DIANA makes developing Conversational AI applications faster and more reliable by providing Neon AI with a full collection of utilities for common enterprise administration tasks. 

DIANA automates the setup and installation of business applications with tools including: Translation Services, Server TTS, Server STT, Docker Support, Kubernetes Support, Domain SSL Certification Backend Services, Configuration Utilities, HTTPS Services, Message Queue Services, Web Socket Services, and Mycroft Message Bus Services.

Text to Speech (TTS) for 23 Global Languages On-Device and On-Premises 

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, Swedish, Bulgarian, Danish, Slovak, Finnish, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Irish, Maltese, plus cloud services.

Neon AI’s programmers have made several leaps forward in TTS machine learning. We support the open source community with our insights, tools and language support, which improve Coqui, Larynx, Lingua Franca, Pico, Mimic, Mozilla and other language processing platforms. Neon AI is now able to add TTS capability for new foreign languages in a matter of days. 

Speech to Text (STT) for 7 Global Languages On-Device and On-Premises 

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, plus cloud services.

Neon AI offers cloud support services with Google and AWS (Amazon). The greatly expanded list of Neon AI’s supported foreign languages is available at

Two screen shots of our Klat demo


Comparing Open Source Conversational AI Projects

Neon AI is part of a collaborative and supportive open source community in which our organizations work together and build upon each other’s efforts in conversational AI. Here’s an outline of the differences between conversational AI offerings from Neon, OVos, and Mycroft; learn more at this link to see a features table.

Neon AI 2.0, OpenVoiceOS Manjaro and Mycroft Mark II Core

Neon AI first worked with Mycroft AI’s code in 2017, using it to develop our own conversational voice user interface, called “Neon”. Neon AI is an official Mycroft Enterprise Partner, and hosts a strong community of developers for Mycroft AI. 

The Open Voice Operating System community created their own Mycroft fork in November 2021 calling it OVos. In their own words, you can think of OVos as a “Mycroft Community Edition.” OpenVoiceOS “aims to be a full operating system that is free and open source.” Neon AI is a key contributor to the OVos community. 

Mycroft originated as a Kickstarter, building the first iteration of its groundbreaking open source code in 2016, which OVos and Neon have forked into their own projects. The new Mycroft AI Mark II begins a new generation of Mycroft hardware and privacy serving devices. Neon AI is a strong contributor to the Mycroft community. 

Independent, Collaborative  Development

As leading members of the Neon AI, OVos and Mycroft communities, the Neon AI team delivers custom skills and core capabilities for all three platforms. All three share a focus for on-device voice privacy, with Neon AI providing additional support for business use.

Overview of our Technology Stack, lots of bullet lists

Software Backed by Business Level Support

Neon AI is a full-service company specializing in conversational AI and voice user interfaces. Neon AI is available to provide any level of support that fits your project – from a standalone open source voice AI program for anyone to download and build upon; to a team of developers who will work with your enterprise to design solutions and adapt our suite of software to meet your needs. 

In addition to Neon AI providing business support, the OpenVoiceOS project offers an active programming community supporting a free, downloadable open source operating system and voice AI. The OVos project is open to new members, and the software is available for anyone to customize.

Mycroft brings their extensive software community and Mark II hardware capable of running downloadable Mycroft, OVos and Neon AI software. 


Neon AI Can Create Your Voice Applications

Absolutely! The Neon AI team would be pleased to assist you in the development of your voiced AI applications.

Thank you for sharing our continued technological progress as a conversational AI developer, and we hope this newsletter finds you safe and well. 

Please send me an email regarding your conversational AI needs, and we can discuss delivering your conversational AI solutions,

Daniel McKnight, Tech Leader

Why Open Source?

The Neon AI conversational platform is provided as open source software so that business and personal applications are yours to use and enhance .. in perpetuity. Open Source Software provides continuity, transparency, customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integrability, and a support community. 

Joshua Montgomery founder of Mycroft AI gives a clear example of why Open Source Software is an excellent choice for business continuity. Cozmo Open Software Saves the Day (

About Us

At Neon AI we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of VUI development – providing integration at all levels of the stack, from “edge” devices (Mycroft Mark 2, RPI 4 and Android), to web based applications, to browsers, to on-premises servers, to cloud servers, and on to connecting with local and remote databases and services. Our team can put together your custom systems for caregiving, assembly instructions, retail automation and other applications. 

The Neon AI open source conversational AI platform provides a secure, private and transparent solution for developing advanced voice applications. 

Neon AI is an Authorized Channel Partner of Mycroft AI  

Neon AI is a partner in OVos, the Open Voice Operating System

Neon AI is a tradename of Inc. 

Thank You For Supporting Open Source Conversational AI Software

For Developers Only: Purchase a prerelease Neon OVos Mycroft AI Mark II (shown above) with full support and immediate delivery from Square: Buy a Neon OVos Mycroft AI Mark II. Supplies are extremely limited. This project is suitable for users experienced with Linux, Python, generic Raspberry Pi, Mycroft Mark I, Mycroft Mark II, and Docker systems. The package includes capabilities such as: WiFi – Easy Neon device “hotspot” to connect to your phone or pad, and WiFi setup for connecting your external keyboard and other devices. STT/TTS – On-device and on-premises foreign language support with Mozilla DeepSpeech, Nemo, Kaldi, Mimic, Pico and more. Enhanced cloud support services include Google STT, Amazon AWS TTS and other cloud services.