Neon AI Services

Voice technology is the “bleeding edge” of technological progress, and we’re here to help you get ahead of the game.Venn Diagram - Neon AI 3 Circles

  • Neon AI’s open source systems feature cutting edge Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text for a seamless voice-based experience. 
  • Neon AI is both a full service conversational AI software development and programming company, and the provider of the open source Neon AI voice processing platform.
  • Our systems work with all types of content, including audio, video, text, data, web pages, websites. 
  • Neon AI has a strong global perspective. Our software is available in many languages, and any other you need could be added in a matter of days. 

Neon AI’s end-to-end services include consultation, design, custom creation, and support of software resources such as:

  • Interactive, voiced, multi-lingual AI chatbots to streamline your business and support customer connection through customer specific online interactions such as database and internet searching using voice alone.
  • Online websites that enable internet users to work conversationally across multiple platforms.
  • AI Healthcare & homecare assistants
  • Healthcare screeners
  • AI to provide workers with assembly instructions
  • AI Teacher’s Aides
  • Customer greeting and in-store direction

We are committed to meeting our customer’s needs, whether that is end-to-end services, or consultation, training, and support of your own tech team in using our software. 

At Neon AI we believe this technology should be available to everyone, and that what is built for your company should belong to you – in perpetuity. Our commitment to an Open Platform means that you won’t be dependent on any particular company, nor paying a subscription fee to retain the functionality of software that has become critical to your business.