Custom Voice User Interface Solutions can include Voice Privacy

Our completely customizable voice UI will meet your needs – without sharing your data with entities that go on to “share your data with trusted partners.”
Venn Diagram - Voice Privacy + Custom Voice User Interface = Neon AI

Most of the CAI (Conversational Artificial Intelligence) development systems that developers and consumers use today are “closed platforms” — they require the developers to use the services in exactly the way that the device manufacturers want, and they give all the user data to the CAI system owners. This is the “walled garden” approach of Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM, popularized by AOL in the 1990s. At Neon AI we feel that “walled gardens” limit the growth of this incredible technology.

While we are thankful for the contributions made by these major AI players, and although we use some of their software, we recognize that the time has come to take things to the next level.

We proudly offer an open-source solution — the Neon AI Software Development Kit (SDK) — with endless opportunities, and we encourage collaborative building on our code. We think that developers at thousands of companies, labs, and universities around the world should determine the course of the technology, not a few corporations.

More choices for better privacy with Neon AI

Whether we customize it to meet your needs, or you do, the Neon AI SDK (Software Development Kit) and the products built from it can be used completely independently of our servers and services.

You can choose to access portions of other popular AI service providers like Amazon and Google through our UI. Our software acts like a proxy, so you can get industry-standard STT and TTS without having to give up all your private information.

Or opt to go a completely custom route with your own server, and you don’t need to use them at all.

The Neon AI SDK

The Neon AI SDK integrates advanced AI and natural-language understanding into a cohesive software engineering platform that is fully customizable and easy to use.

We offer Neon AI on a variety of platforms. Furthermore, we have created next-generation customized devices and offer Neon AI in a variety of off-the-shelf solutions. 

  • The Neon Nano installs Neon AI into any website in one line of code.
  • Our  Adaptive Forums internet chat application, which is available on over 100 websites, hosts a full-featured artificially intelligent chat service based on Neon AI. 
  • The Neon AI app for Android phones combines our best features into the first open-source multi-platform CAI system.

We offer detailed instructions in text and video on how to install the SDK, create skills, and develop your products with Neon AI.

The Neon AI SDK is a full-stack application with which developers can incorporate new AI skills and enhance core execution capabilities. Neon AI skills include real-time transcription, translation, conversations, device control, audible gestures (like claps), and much more.

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