The Neon AI team provides custom proprietary systems, and open source solutions, to organizations of all sizes.

Neon AI offers extraordinary technology for noncommercial uses (under 1000 users) through the Open Source model. Neon AI provides customized and proprietary software for small businesses, large businesses, academic research institutions, non-profit organizations and public benefit companies.

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Richard Leeds




“AI is the future”

Elon Gasper



IP Development Lead

“Set temperature to zero.”

Daniel McKnight

Lead Engineer

Relations Manager

“AI is the future”

Tim Luetzow

Business Development

“AI is the future”

Bohdan Mykhailenko

Bohdan Mykhailenko

Software Engineer

Conversation Developer

“Set temperature to 1.”

Dmytro Honcharenko

Software Engineer

Conversation Developer

“ШІ – це майбутнє.”

Kirill Hyrmailo

Kirill Hrymailo

Senior Software Engineer

Conversation Developer

“print(“AI is the future.”)”

Guy Daniels

Systems Engineer

Klat1 Lead Developer


Joshua Rekitt

User Experience
Web Master
Content Organizer

“The future, AI is.”

Clary Gasper

Project Manager
Edu Specialist
Community Manager

“L’IA est l’avenir.”

Casimiro Ferreira

Code Wrangler

“IA é o futuro.”

Michael Gray

Code Wrangler

“AI will grok us all one day.”

Mariia Razno

Software Engineer
Conversation Developer Emeritus

“Set temperature to 0.”

Rudy Darken

Lead Patent Attorney

“AI is the future.”

Dave LaRiviere

Patent Attorney Emeritus

“AI is the future.”

John Sample


“AI is the future”

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Neon AI’s Open Source Collaborative Conversational AI is important to the future of AI for multiple orthogonal reasons.

Open source collaboration promotes the development of advanced natural language processing and understanding, which is crucial for the diverse growth of AI in various fields, such as healthcare, customer service, and education.

It fosters an environment of open source collaboration and AI knowledge sharing, allowing AI systems developers and AI systems to learn from one another and improve continuously. This will ultimately result in more efficient and effective AI systems that can adapt to different applications, situations and users.

Collaborative Conversational AI has the potential to bridge the gap between humans and AI, enabling seamless communication and cooperation between the two, thus enhancing the overall human experience with AI.

Neon AI thanks all of our developers, and active users. We invite software and hardware developers to join the team developing open source solution, for personal, business and enterprise AI systems. Click here for a list of projects seeking contributors to open source AI development

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”​ – Albert Einstein

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