Create Amazing Conversational AI Applications

Build intelligent, engaging conversational AI applications that understand users, deliver personalized responses, and revolutionize customer interactions.

Proprietary Products

You can Create Amazing Voice and Natural Language Interactions – With a Head Start from Neon AI including:
Command Line Interface – Device Independent API – HTTP API – Docker – Kubernetes – Ingress

Demonstration Systems

Neon AI can provide reference systems, so your Systems Development Team can create a broad range of applications.
Ask for a demo of our reference systems for:
Ensemble AI – AI Voice Assistant – STT – TTS – Customized LLM – Collaborative Conversational AI Forum

Open Source Software

Leverage open-source frameworks and libraries to accelerate development of your conversational AI applications.

Full Support

Receive comprehensive support, including training, troubleshooting, and ongoing assistance.

Community Collaboration

Independent projects welcomed from around the globe, visit our community to for support getting your project going.