Enterprise Applications

Meet Robbie, the future of conversational AI healthcare screening.

I’m Robbie the demonstration conversational healthcare screening assistant from Neon AI. I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with Neongecko open source code and CPI Corp technology.*

I’m a test AI medical screening assistant that conversationally demonstrates the full Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coronavirus Disease Telephone Response Guide, to help you determine if your symptoms may be related to COVID-19. The CDC’s Covid-19 screening script, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Telephone Response Guide, is available at website https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/phone-guide/

As a real-world example, consider manufacturing companies who employ large amounts of temporary staff on a regular basis. For these, the Covid screening required during the recent health crises was unexpectedly burdensome. With many temporary employees lacking smartphones or fluent English, supervising staff often found themselves translating, explaining, and helping new temporary employees through the screening process for the first 30 minutes or more each day. You can imagine that having a dozen or more people and a supervisor idle for a half our or more each packing day hurt their bottom line. 

Neon AI’s Robbie and other customized voice user interface bots could be a solution for them and many others.

*Free Neon AI open source software is available for assisted living and healthcare facilities. Subscribe or contact Josh at Josh@neon.ai to receive access to Neon Ai repositories.