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Our team is experienced in providing customized proprietary and open source solutions for large corporations.

We are pleased to offer the same cutting-edge technology for non-commercial use (under 1000 users) through the Open Source model.

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Richard LeedsRichard Leeds 

President / Founder / Inventor

Daniel McKnight Daniel McKnight 

Lead Engineer / Developer Relations Manager

Guy Daniels Guy Daniels 

Systems Engineer / Klat1 Lead Developer

Elon GasperElon Gasper 

CTO / Co-inventor / IP Development Lead

ManJoshua Rekitt 

User Experience / Web & Content Master / Organizer

Bohdan Mykhailenko Bohdan Mykhailenko 

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

Kirill HyrmailoKirill Hrymailo 

Senior Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

 Clary Gasper Clary Gasper

Project Manager / Project Specialist

 Man Dmytro Honcharenko

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer

John SampleJohn Sample 


 Rudy DarkenRudy Darken 

Lead Patent Attorney

Michael Grey AI Michael Gray

Code Wrangler

Man Casimiro Ferreira 

Code Wrangler


Tim Luetzow

Business Development



Mariia Razno Mariia Razno

Software Engineer / Conversation Developer Emeritus

Dave LaRiviere Dave LaRiviere 

Patent Attorney Emeritus

Thank You to All Our Wonderful Community Code Contributors

00tiagopolicarpo00 el-tocino kfezer

Neongecko's Collaborative Conversational AI is important to the future of AI for several reasons.

Firstly, it promotes the development of advanced natural language processing and understanding, which is crucial for the growth of AI in various fields, such as healthcare, customer service, and education.

Secondly, it fosters an environment of open source collaboration and AI knowledge sharing, allowing AI systems developers and AI systems to learn from one another and improve continuously. This will ultimately result in more efficient and effective AI systems that can adapt to different applications, situations and users.

Third, Collaborative Conversational AI has the potential to bridge the gap between humans and AI, enabling seamless communication and cooperation between the two, thus enhancing the overall human experience with AI.

Lastly, Neongecko thanks all of our developers, and active users. We invite software and hardware developers to join the team developing open source solution, for personal, business and enterprise AI systems. Click here for a list of projects seeking contributors to open source AI development

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."​ - Albert Einstein

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