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Assembly Instructions

In any language.  Let our voice user interface talk your employees through assembly instructions in their first language. With integrated pictures and designed for seamless user input on improvements and changes. Neon AI is ready to design and build your custom solutions. 

Assembly Instructions Demonstration

Manufacturing facility with worker

Manufacturing and Assembly

Neon AI can talk workers through assembly tasks, providing step-by-step interactive directions accompanied by images as needed.

Practical benefits include:

  • Reduce in-person training time – Neon can talk workers through the task as many times as needed.
  • Eliminate the need to use hands for both assembly and interaction with directions.
  • Make implementing changes to assembly procedures smooth and easy.
  • Can be provided in multiple languages, no need to try to create visual-only instructions. 
  • Allow for direct suggestions from employees on the assembly line for improving efficiency.
  • Reduce errors – Neon is able to answer queries for reminders of task parameters, such as an acceptable weight range for a vegetable product. 

Empowering Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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