Solutions from Neon AI

Neon.AI provides cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges faced by enterprises in the era of conversational AI. Our collaborative AI forums and expert guidance help break down silos, enable auditable AI decisions, and facilitate the scaling up of expertise across organizations.

Experts are Un-siloed

Neon.AI recognizes that both machine experts and human experts often operate in silos, limiting the potential for collaboration and innovation. To address this challenge, we offer the following solutions:

  1. Machine Experts are Un-siloed: Neon.AI brings together diverse LLMs and AI models, enabling them to collaborate and learn from each other, breaking down the barriers between machine experts.
  2. Human Experts are Un-siloed: Our collaborative AI forums provide a platform for human experts from various domains to interact, share knowledge, and work together on complex problems.
  3. Neon AI Facilitates Forums of Humans and AI’s: We create inclusive forums where human experts and AI models can engage in productive discussions, leveraging the strengths of both artificial and human intelligence.
  4. Available in Multiple Media: Our solutions are accessible through various media, including text, voice, and video, ensuring that experts can collaborate using their preferred communication channels.

Human experts and AI avatars collaborating in a virtual workspace, with different media channels.

AI Decisions are Auditable

Neon.AI understands the importance of auditable AI decisions in building trust and ensuring accountability. Our solutions address this challenge through:

  1. Collaborative Conversational AI: By facilitating collaboration between AI models and human experts, we enable the creation of transparent and explainable AI decision-making processes.
  2. Natural Language Decisions: Our AI models provide decisions and recommendations in natural language, making them more accessible and understandable to human stakeholders.
  3. AI and Human Attributes to Decision Making: Neon.AI’s collaborative approach ensures that both AI and human attributes are considered in the decision-making process, leading to more balanced and informed outcomes.
  4. Failsafe Enabled Decisions: We incorporate failsafe mechanisms into our AI decision-making processes, allowing for human intervention and oversight when necessary.

Depicting the collaborative decision-making process, with AI and human input, natural language output, and failsafe checkpoints.

Scaling Up AI and Human Experts is Straightforward

Neon.AI recognizes the challenges organizations face in scaling up expertise across their operations. Our solutions help overcome these hurdles through:

  1. Configurable Collaboration Participants: Our collaborative AI forums allow organizations to configure the participants based on their specific needs, ensuring that the right experts are involved in each discussion.
  2. Configurable Conversation Protocols: Neon.AI enables organizations to define and customize conversation protocols, ensuring that collaborative discussions are structured, efficient, and aligned with organizational goals.
  3. Custom LLM Facilitators and Participants: We offer the ability to create custom LLM facilitators and participants tailored to an organization’s specific domain and requirements, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of collaborative discussions.
  4. Collaboratize Existing Chatbots: Neon.AI can help organizations integrate their existing chatbots into collaborative AI forums, unlocking the potential for these tools to learn and evolve through interaction with other AI models and human experts.

A network diagram showing scaling up of the interconnected nodes of human experts, custom LLMs, and existing chatbots, with Neon.AI facilitating collaboration.

By leveraging Neon.AI’s solutions, enterprises can break down silos, enable auditable AI decisions, and effectively scale up expertise across their organizations. Our collaborative AI forums and expert guidance empower businesses to harness the full potential of conversational AI, driving innovation, improving decision-making, and unlocking new opportunities in the era of human-AI synergy.