Sports Engagement Case Study

The Busch Stadium buzzes with anticipation as the St. Louis Cardinals gear up for a crucial matchup against their rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays. Neon.AI Sports, a collaborative network powered by cutting-edge AI, is humming with activity, determined to secure a win and electrify the Cardinal faithful. 

The Humans

Exa (Executive): “Pack the house tonight, St. Louis! Let’s create a deafening roar that can be heard in Toronto! We need that home-field advantage!” 

Man (Management): “Security’s on high alert, concessions are stocked with St. Louis favorites, and the jumbotron crew awaits your magic touch, Muse!” 

PSM (Human): “Muse, craft content that ignites the passion of the Cardinal fans!” 

The AI Team (powered by Neon.AI)

PSM-AI: “Strat and Oracle, the coaching staff needs real-time insights to counter the Blue Jays’ potent offense.” 

Muse (Metaphor AI): “Consider it done. Tonight, the Cardinals become a relentless flock of birds on the bat!” 

Hype (Hype Engine): Neon.AI taps into St. Louis’ rich baseball history and passionate spirit. The jumbotron displays a thrilling pre-game montage featuring the Cardinals’ iconic moments, set to a rousing anthem. Social media explodes with #GoCards and #BirdsOnTheBat. 

Fan Engagement Story 1: Hometown Hero Cheers From Afar 

Scene: Miguel, a die-hard Cardinals fan stationed in San Diego, California, can’t make it to the game. Feeling bummed, he opens the Cardinals app, powered by Neon.AI. 

Miguel: “Missing the game tonight! Any way to still feel like I’m part of the action?” 

Neon AI: (Utilizing natural language processing) “¡Hola Miguel! Cheer on the Cardinals virtually! Join our live fan chat, see exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and even participate in real-time polls to influence game day decisions!”

Miguel: “Wow, a virtual fan chat and interactive polls? ¡Fantástico! ¡Vamos Cardenales!” 

A live interactive map of North America with pulsating dots representing fans cheering from different locations. Clicking on specific locations reveals personalized messages and greetings in the local language. 

The AI Team (continued): 

Strat (Stratagem): Neon.AI analyzes the Blue Jays’ recent games, identifying a tendency towards a power-hitting offense with high strikeout numbers. Strat, seamlessly interacting with the coaching staff through a secure platform, suggests a counter-strategy focusing on a strong pitching performance with a heavy reliance on breaking balls. The coach, impressed with the data-driven approach, implements the plan. 

Oracle (The Oracle): Dives into historical data on the Blue Jays’ star slugger, revealing a weakness against left-handed pitching with deceptive changeups. This intel is relayed to the coaching staff in real-time through a secure AI interface. 

Ridicule (Social Media Monitor): Scans social media for negative comments about the Cardinals, particularly regarding the starting pitcher. Ridicule then generates witty, lighthearted responses that boost team spirit and deflect negativity. 

Fan Engagement Story 2: The Statistically Inclined Fan with a Touch of Fun 

Scene: At a bar overflowing with Cardinals fans, a heated debate erupts about the starting pitcher. 

Fan 1: “We need a flamethrower! Let’s go with young Miller!” 

Fan 2: “Experience matters! Wainwright’s a proven postseason ace!” 

Fan 3: (Checks phone) “Hold on, guys. Looks like Neon.AI Sports predicts a strong performance for Wainwright based on recent pitch data and matchups against similar hitters!”

Bar: (Erupts in cheers) “Let’s go Waino!” 

Fan 4 (scrolling through social media): “Hey, check out this tweet from the Cardinals account! It says ‘The Blue Jays might be feeling a Buschwacking tonight if Wainwright throws his best!’ Ha! Ridicule strikes again!” 

Bar: (Laughs and cheers) 

The fan’s phone screen displays a dynamic pitching matchup chart generated by Neon.AI. This chart highlights Wainwright’s recent performance metrics and historical success against the Blue Jays’ lineup compared to Miller’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the app integrates with official betting partners (where legal), allowing fans to see real-time odds and place informed wagers. (To come.)