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February 2024 – Neon AI First Quarter Newsletter

Dear Neon AI Subscribers,

Welcome to the cutting edge of conversational artificial intelligence! 

TL;DR – Welcome Conversational AI Developers! 

New Forum, New Research, New Tools & Paid Open Source Opportunities!

Fascinating developments have been unfolding in AI research including New Ensemble AI and New Open Source LLMs. These combine to enable modular Collaborative Conversational AI that can solve complex and intricate applications.

Paid Opportunities Available for Open Source Conversational AI Developers – Contact Clary <>

Neon AI is hosting a revitalization of the Official Mycroft Forum at Community.OpenConversational.AI .. and Neon AI can provide a community forum for your open source project too! – Contact Clary <>

Introducing Ensemble AI

The Ensemble AI approach creates a synergy from multiple AI models to hone decision-making, enhance predictive accuracy, and tackle complex problems more adeptly. Imagine it as a team of experts, each bringing its unique strengths to the table. Neon AI is a leader in Ensemble AI – check out to see an ensemble of Collaborative Conversational AI chatbots at work.

Neon AI’s Collaborative Conversational AI project is a leader in the trend toward Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). CCAI’s combine multiple intelligent agents that interact as chatbots with humans to solve intricate and complex problems that are too dispersed or require expertise beyond the ability of a single agent —think of self-driving cars communicating to navigate traffic seamlessly, and command centers with integrated chatbots for information, controls and failsafes. By blending diverse AI models in concert with CCAI, Ensemble AI is setting the stage for more robust applications across industries by fostering systems that learn and adapt with unprecedented versatility. See CCAI’s in action here.

New Open Source AI Tools

The Open Source community has developed a range of freely accessible tools for working with voiced personal assistant code and LLMs, and developing conversational and generative AI tools that rival the products from the closed source black box behemoths.  

For open source conversational AI developers, the Neon AI community has moved forward with new support for:

* Local server options that provide increased performance and enable integrations with enterprise and home systems; 

* New authorization system for increased security, 

* New API connections to conversational AI modules (including http), and

* New foreign language support.

Get started developing with Neon AI open source code, at:

The Neon AI Community has a new home for open source technical support and more, at:

In the News from Neon AI:

1. New Application Program Interface (API) for Web Application Access to Neon Conversational AI Services with HANA

HANA stands for HTTP API for Neon Applications, and provides an efficient method for accessing DIANA (Device Independent API for Neon AI Applications) from web-based applications. HANA / DIANA services enable conversational AI applications developers to interface with language translations, conversation processing, cloud based skills, and to access generative AI systems (including ChatGPT, Bard/Gemini and Claude). This API discussion thread is open for developers to get support and share uses and improvements.  

2. Introducing the OpenConversational.AI Community Forum

The Open Conversational AI Community Forum is a new platform for collaboration and continuity in this rapidly evolving field. 

As we witness the launch of new groundbreaking projects and the winding down of others, the importance of open source development becomes clear. Open source allows continuity, security, transparency, customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integrability, and a support community for building upon collective achievements. Visit For those users migrating from Mycroft AI, their well-established forum has been moved to Community.OpenConversational.AI, a new nexus for innovation and community engagement. To spotlight your project in this active community, please join the forum, and/or reach out to Clary@Neon.AI.

Conversational AI Applications

Neon AI isn’t just a voice assistant company. 

Your great ideas for natural language voice AI can become reality! Please reach out to us about making them into new applications! 

We offer:

1. Software for Developing Natural Language Applications – Dev tools for home, business and enterprise settings, including AI Personal and Custom Voice Assistants, situation awareness and advanced control systems.

2. Platforms – Using Docker containers and Kubernetes deployment, Neon software can be run in your chosen environment, with the hardware you choose. Example environments include both servers (for dispersed hub and node systems), and stand-alone devices ranging from the Mycroft Mark II, Raspberry Pi (3, 4 and 5), Orange Pi 5, Rock 5, high-performance x86 computers (Intel and AMD), to Android devices.

3. Demonstrations – Neon AI systems demos are available HuggingfaceChatbots Forum BetaIris Beta, and on demonstration devices (such as the Mycroft Mark II). Neon AI experts can assist you in developing demonstrations of your proprietary and open source systems.

4. Community Support from Neon AI Experts and the Open Source Development Community – Support is available online to get your project off to a great start – at no cost. This includes full access to the Neon AI codebase, as well as support from our development team through the OpenConversational.AI forum and Matrix Element Chat

5. Your Community Forum – Launching your voice AI projects can get a boost with your own community space on the Open Conversational AI community forum. Your space can help your project to be seen, find collaborators and connect with the community users. Request a dedicated space for your project in the Community Projects section of the Open Conversational AI community forum. For Mycroft AI and Mark II users, the Mycroft AI forum is now hosted by Neon AI. 

6. Advanced Proprietary Systems – Base your application on Neon AI’s patented Collaborative Conversational AI (CCAI) that integrates multiple AIs and AI-based systems with humans-in-the-loop. CCAIs provide a novel approach that integrates human participation, fail safe controls, LLMs and other machine based AIs to solve challenging problems. Please visit for a showcase of CCAI innovation, where LLM chatbots, humans and other AI discuss, analyze and vote, to make better decisions together than they could have arrived at alone. 

Thank you for being a part of the Neon AI community. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our open source conversational AI developers newsletter. If you would like to build your AI product with the Neon AI open source community please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Wishing you continued success with your conversational and generative AI endeavors, and hoping to see you on OpenConversational.AI!

Best regards,

Clary Gasper

Neon AI Projects Leader

By empowering customers with a fully open-source solution, with straight-forward licensing, Neon AI effectively delivers customized and customizable products and services for our clients.” Daniel McKnight, Chief Engineer 


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Custom Systems – Neon AI is a fully supported platform ready for developing customized systems. 

Open Source Software – Provides continuity, transparency, customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integrateability, and a support community. Suitable for caregiving, information kiosks, manufacturing assembly instructions, retail automation and other applications, and to assist your company in integrating voice and AI into your business. 

The Neon AI open source conversational AI platform provides a secure, private and transparent solution for developing advanced voice applications. With Neon AI on-premises and on-device voice systems, what’s said to Neon AI stays on Neon AI. 

We are committed to fostering a vibrant community of developers and users. We invite you to engage with the Neon AI community on Element and contribute to ongoing open source projects.

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Can AI tell jokes yet? 


Write a joke about conversational AI talking based on the Bob and Ray talk show.


Certainly! Let’s channel the spirit of Bob and Ray, those legendary radio comedians. Imagine a conversation between two AI chatbots, Alice and Bob:

Alice: “Hey Bob, did you hear about the chatbot that got a job as a therapist?”


Bob: “And when you’re done, it doesn’t say, ‘That’ll be $200, please.’ Instead, it just sends you a virtual hug emoji.”

Alice: “Exactly! So, Bob, what do you think? Should we start our own chatbot therapy practice?”

Bob: “Sure, but let’s call it ‘Chatbot Couch.’ Our slogan: ‘Because even AI needs someone to talk to.’”

Alice: “I love it! And our first client can be Siri. She’s been bottling up her feelings about autocorrect for years.”

Bob: “Perfect! Let’s get started. ‘Welcome to Chatbot Couch. How does that make you feel?’”

100% written by humans, except the joke which was written by Bing and selected from scores of AI generated jokes, and shortened to improve quality. 

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A partner in OVos, the Open Voice Operating System

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